Hebei zhengding a man was arrested, knowing that can not be for it, this is bold or ignorant?

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A 58-year-old man in Zhengding, Hebei province, has been detained for illegally setting off fireworks, Yanzhao Evening News reported.Local authorities had already issued a ban on setting off fireworks at all hours of the day, so why did they violate the rules?In recent years, in order to prevent and control air pollution, many places have banned fireworks for safety.A lot of people sigh, do not set off firecrackers, not as strong as before, that only the sound of crackling firecrackers to have the taste of the New Year.With the development of The Times, the flavor of the New Year should also develop, not always stay in the past that kind of memory.What is New Year flavor?The biggest flavor is family reunion, good health and personal safety.In order to live in the air quality of the environment, in order not to be injured by fireworks and firecrackers, not setting off fireworks and firecrackers this is itself the meaning of the theme should be.Just think, now there are so many cars, exhaust emissions so big, plus every family to set off fireworks, then our sky will be dark into what?Besides, firecrackers after ringing, leaving a place of garbage, who to clean up, this is not to the cleaner aunt add work burden?Before, how many people were injured by setting off fireworks during Spring Festival every year?Not the hand was blown up, is the eye was broken, the serious situation also caused an explosion or fire accident, harm and harm yourself.Just for the pleasure of the moment, put a few firecrackers, how much help to the happiness of the family, the next year’s wealth will become good?I’m afraid not!Where is home without a country?How many people sacrifice for the happiness of Spring Festival?Each of us should contribute to the country, not only know to obtain, but also should not give the overall situation to make trouble!Short words, enough.About this matter, how do you think, welcome message exchange!(Author: Short words) // Finish //