Illustrator perfectly captures the happiness of single women

2022-04-24 0 By

Loneliness does not necessarily mean loneliness.Many prefer the independence, personal space and satisfaction of being alone to the supposed security and commitment of marriage.Yet society continues to push marriage towards women, starting from an early age to convince girls that no matter how successful they are in their careers or life experiences, they will ultimately fail because they are a woman without a ring and a child on their hip.A few years ago, the Mexican artist Idalia Candelas set out to challenge this notion with her “Postmodern Loneliness” art series, which depicts women who are content to be alone.”The theme of loneliness has been recurring in my paintings,” Candelas explains. “Although people try to avoid [it] [out of] fear, being in this situation is becoming more common in our society.I like to show women who exist alone but don’t suffer.They’re not depressed or crying, but [they’re] safe and noble in the sense of enjoying just her own company.”The artist went on to publish the postmodern Loneliness series in the form of a book called “Sollars”, which translates as “Myself” and proved to be a huge success.As Candelas explains, in contrast to the stigma of loneliness, solitude can be fulfilling, fun and exciting.Social psychologist Bella DePaulo said: “The person who was more likely to continue living alone throughout the six-year period was a woman.It’s like once they taste their own taste, they find they really like it.They no longer want to find someone to live with, if they ever did.”Author: Xiao Le