She became a driftwood at 14, made her first million at 19, became a father at 27 and now works three jobs

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14 years old to do north piao, 19 years old to earn the first million, 27 years old when a father, now play three jobs about: Li Xiaopeng, Mr. Xiao Han MY name is Li Xiaopeng, 29 years old this year, was born in tianjin in 1992, father is said crosstalk, but not what reputation, after all, old, and even come to a reputation for not doing business.As my mother would say, “I’m going to hell with you.”Perhaps it was his poor father who forced me to work at the age of 14.At that time I was still in the second grade of junior high school, but my father said you should not be in school, but should go to Beijing to learn crosstalk.In this way, he gave up his studies, came to Beijing alone, and became a Beijing drifter.Fortunately, my father knew a crosstalk speaker, and I learned crosstalk from that uncle.For crosstalk art, the root is not interested in, even, I am tone-deaf, introverted, speak not understand, crosstalk, just because my father wants to get rid of me, after all, school is to spend money, and he can not live, poor.This family is completely supported by a mother.I have studied crosstalk for three years in Beijing, but I have never been on the stage once. In the words of my master, “You are not that kind of material, so I take you in because of your father’s face.In this way, I was sent out, in the streets for several days, finally found a sales job, in the face of a strange working environment, with three years of training thick skin, did not expect to take root here.When I work in the first year, I earned more than three hundred thousand, at that time very excited, tell my father about this matter, unexpectedly, he took all my money to go.From then on, I told my father that we were done.The next year, I worked harder than ever, working at least 14 hours a day, sometimes sleeping over where I lay to keep company with clients. By the age of 19, I had made my first million.When I saw the balance of my bank card, I cried all night. The next morning, I got up, took a cold shower and went back to work.At that time, in order to save money, they basically cooked by themselves. When they went to work, they would bring a big box of food.Sometimes I am so busy that I have no time to eat. When I am free, it is already two o ‘clock in the morning. When I take out the food, it tastes sour and pungent.But in the sleep, stomach pain unbearable, have to get up to go to the toilet, at that time are closed eyes, because it is too sleepy.After a few times, I didn’t bring any meals, so that my stomach would feel better.At the age of 21, I met the love of my life. She is also a native of Beipiao, Sichuan province and a musician. She is a very sweet girl with a free and easy personality, but she is also a rebellious girl.In the second year, I proposed to get married, but her parents disagreed, saying THAT I was not good-looking and had not bought an apartment in Beijing.To keep my distance from my father, I went back to separate my household register and became completely independent.I only give my mother 5000 yuan every month, but most of the money is spent by my father.In fact, I wanted my own hukou for a reason, because I hope that one day, I can marry her, so that I don’t need to go through my father.In 2018, my girlfriend got pregnant and my father-in-law had to agree to our marriage. It was also around this time that we bought a house in Beijing.After I got married, I felt a strong sense of responsibility and began to spend money carefully. I suffered myself and made my wife and children happy.When I was 27 years old, I became a father. At that moment, I felt that I was the happiest man in the world. My father, who came to Beijing to see me for the first time, also brought my mother’s handmade tiger shoes and sent me a congratulatory gift of 1000 yuan.Stay a whole afternoon, I also did not how take heed of him, possibly oneself all feel embarrassed, afternoon of time went back.In order to support my family, I started working three jobs, selling breakfast in the morning, doing sales after 9 o ‘clock, and driving for my family at night when THERE was no entertainment.The friend said: Your income is so high now, why so tired yourself?I replied, “No one has a problem with money. I don’t want my child to drop out of school because of lack of money in the future, nor do I want my child to feel inferior materially in the future.Life is not easy, all happiness depends on how much effort you pay, my efforts today, is for the old do not ask for others, let alone the children.