In the gang crime, several women used Momo to send out “invitations”, and nearly 10 people were cheated in only half a month

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Be careful of the “invitation” issued by the so-called beauty on Momo, Tantan or wechat.The other party may be under the guise of “making friends”, but actually the implementation of fraud.Information:From April 5 to April 23, 2021, Ni and He in Zunyi city, Guizhou Province conspired with Yin, Wang and other women to post “dating” information online through The APP Muo, and contact the “hooked” men to meet for further sex.Then ni xx, he and others will Yin XX, Luo xx and other women to the agreed zunyi City Huichuan district “XXX stay”, “appropriate X” and Honghua Gang district “three X”, “Yi X” and other hotels, through the use of wechat TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to collect money from each other, and then run the single way, defrauding others property totalling RMB 5100.00 yuan,In only half a month or so, more than 10 people were cheated.After the intervention of the police, the people involved were arrested.Trial situation: In January 2022, The Huichuan District Court of Zunyi City, Guizhou Province tried the case, holding that the facts of the fraud committed by Ni and He are clear, the evidence is solid and sufficient, and the charges are established.In accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations of the state, the verdict: Ni xx committed the crime of fraud, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of six months, and fined 1,000 YUAN;He mou committed fraud, sentenced to criminal detention for five months, and a fine of RMB 1000 yuan;Instruct ni so-and-so, he mou to return be cheated money lawfully.(Other women involved in the case have been dealt with separately) xiaobian conclusion: rational treatment, serious identification!Do not credulous the stranger on the network, avoid the “feelings” trap by mistake cheater, cheated.Attention does not get lost, see all kinds of cases, general legal knowledge, see the world hundred!