Love Xiamen | a thank you across 11 years

2022-04-25 0 By

[News page – Taiwan Network] January 26, Taiwan Network (Taiwan Herald reporter Wu Pengbo correspondent CAI Zhicheng) “thank you officers, if it was not for you, I might have sunk, so today specially came to the institute to express my gratitude to you…”Yesterday, Liu to the former discipline their own brigade police to send a word, written above the word “Honesty Yi”.The heart-warming scene took place in the administrative office building of the Judicial Compulsory isolation and drug treatment Center in Xiamen, Fujian province.Although Liu was discharged from compulsory withdrawal 11 years ago, he still remembered his days in the institute. Shortly after entering the institute, he developed withdrawal symptoms and unbearable abdominal pain.When he was confused and helpless and wanted to “give up treatment”, the police gave him a helping hand. Through heart-to-heart talk and education guidance, he corrected his wrong ideas and regained confidence in life…The police’s sincere people deeply influenced Liu, but also let him have the courage to start again.Under the guidance of the police education, Liu mou understood that no matter how people do things must have perseverance, so when quitting drug addiction, so when returning to the society to start a business.Now that I am living a happy life, I am increasingly grateful to the police for their education and help 11 years ago. I hereby go to xiamen Judicial Compulsory Isolation and Drug Treatment Center to express my gratitude, which is also the reason why I chose to present “Cheng Yi” as a gift.