In the year of 2022, we will have “internal power”, “break” ourselves and “achieve” ourselves

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# what kind of person can be called a real hero ## What kind of life can be meaningful ## What is your happiest thing?I do not know the true face of lushan mountain, but I am in it.Our whole life, from family to school, from school to society, from youth to adulthood, from single to family, from two people to three, four people.Our thinking is also from simple to complex, from fewer people to more, from small to large scope of activities, from low to high horizon, this process is constantly accepting, absorbing, increasing, increasing.One, to have the ability to arm themselves towering tall buildings across the sky, Lin Lin books poor ancient and modern.Life and work, just like an empty house, because of all kinds of needs, will actively and passively into a variety of furniture, all kinds of items, all kinds of appliances, all kinds of multifarious things……Knowledge and experience, like our hands and computers, will be constantly active and passive to install and download various software, apps, gadgets, links…Two, have to break self, self achievement ability clear cloud full household group inclinedcover, autumn floating order slip canal.Wealth will come from hard work, a man must read five books.Active learning, active acceptance, active digestion, active absorption, active thinking is the ability.Through the internal chemical changes, become the wine of life, become the honey of life.Take the initiative to sort out fragmented thinking, discard worthless things and gradually form your own growth system. Only in this way can you break through yourself, go further and stand higher.Keep breaking your own bottleneck, keep removing your own shackles, keep removing discarded things, pack light, open your arms and embrace change.Have new space, install new equipment, improve the comprehensive strength, take the initiative for their own excellent “endorsement”, do their own “noble”, do their own “guarantor”, do their own “bole”, achieve their own “qianli horse” dream.This inner strength is the “internal power” that supports us all the way forward, and the “engine” to achieve a better tomorrow.If you do not look high, who believe that the east flow deep ocean.All “power” is not born, nor is it because the strong have “psychic powers”.The tiger is known as the “king of beasts”, not by huge body, but to practice the “hunting” ability, otherwise, not only can not eat, but also become the “prey” of other animals.Not like the ostrich in the desert, when confronted with danger, bury his head in the sand, dare not face, cover his ears, deceive himself.Can not form the “habit” of escaping reality, the “thinking” of self-abandonment, the “inertia” of helplessness, the “mentality” of doing nothing.The reason why the weak do not see success is that they live and work in a state of escape and passivity.Study yourself, be your own athlete, coach, referee, award winner and award winner.Determine the “goal”, find the “starting point” and “foothold”, positioning the “starting line” and “destination”, the achievement of a better themselves.Things follow the heart, environment created by the heart, with the strong “mentality and desire”, will have a “winner” and “successful” life.Conclusion: do a good job of addition and subtraction, feel the changes in the heart, find their original heart, cherish the youth.In the career of ups and downs, find their own long board, practice their skills, keep learning, improve skills.Maintain their “engine”, add their own “heart energy”, control their “steering wheel”, toward the heart of the “destination”, steady and long, realize the dream.The year of 2022 transfer, work hard!Western Han Dynasty “Shiji · Goujian family of King Yue”, “King Goujian rebelled against his country, but he was suffering from anxiety, sitting and lying down to sit up his bravery, eating and drinking bravery.Northern Song Dynasty “the history of the old Five Dynasties han Dynasty hidden Emperor ji” “Force service is not rest, war revolution square talk, SO I taste the gall lying salary (said to taste the gall ice), waste food and stop sleeping, although in one billion trillion, not to 95 for respect, gradually ji Chengping, eternal fame, inside the empress mother’s kind training, outside the battle of the loyalty of many scholars,