Hohhot: Make full use of its advantages to build a regional modern consumption center

2022-04-27 0 By

In this year’s government work report of the autonomous Region, it is proposed that we should continue to promote consumption expansion and upgrading.We will formulate measures to boost consumption growth, accelerate the recovery of touch-oriented consumption, and invigorate holiday consumption, neighborhood markets, stores and shops, and the night economy.Hohhot will continue to play to the aspects such as politics, economy, culture, location unique advantages, enhance multi-level consumption supply, build high quality consumer scenarios, actively developing green consumption, night consumption, create consumption characteristics such as consumption, innovation and development outdoor new formats, such as economy, custom, convention and exhibition consumption, expanding services effective supply,To build a “regional modern consumption center”.In the future, Hohhot will further enhance multi-level consumption supply, create a high-quality consumption scene, expand the effective supply of service industry, create a quarter of an hour convenient business circle, develop leading flagship stores, experience stores and customized stores, and vigorously strengthen the development of brand chain convenience stores.To cultivate and develop characteristic commercial blocks of tourism and leisure, traditional culture and fashion quality and consumption, and to create a batch of quality, connotation, popular and appearance level of the city characteristic business cards.To use three years time, the realization of urban commercial features significantly increased, overall capital spending energy release, wen kang raise consumption have been developing steadily, continuously optimize the target consumer service environment, basic construction based on district and facing north, services of beijing-tianjin-hebei region modern consumer center city and “north China city service”.