The 30-year-old joint venture went bankrupt today, selling 7,000 cars a year and losing $62.6 billion for its foreign-owned parent

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With the rapid development of economy, competition in many industries is fierce.If there are a lot of brands in an industry, these industries will compete with each other. Some competition is benign and will promote each other, while some industries are really vicious competition and will soon go bankrupt or become dominant.In China, of course, it is better to have healthy competition between industries. Many people say that the more brands a product has, the more it will be tried, so every brand wants to try again.But in the automobile industry, there are a lot of competition is becoming increasingly fierce, some car companies said to close down, and some car companies still occupy the leading position of the car.Even some of the car companies that fail can be big companies, like Renault, which I’ll talk about in a minute.The joint venture, which recently declared bankruptcy, is an old car company that has been in existence for 30 years.Renault is a foreign-funded company and Brilliance is a domestic car company. The combination of the two brands should create a market monopoly, just like BBA today.But in fact, this is not the case. Just last year, Brilliance Renault sold only 7,000 cars a year, which was very poor. The poor sales over the years also directly caused the loss of 62.6 billion yuan for foreign companies.In fact, there are signs that Renault brilliance will go bankrupt, but the bankruptcy must be declared. It is not like Evergrande, which insists on going bankrupt.As early as last May, Renault had been planning to run away.A lot of important projects are closing down, a lot of employees are leaving, a lot of shareholders are pulling out.Such a set of operations down, Renault Brilliance is finally unbearable, choose to directly terminate cooperation.And most importantly, they can’t afford to pay their employees.▲ Is it true that Renault Has no highlights?Also is not.Brilliance Renault developed very well when it was founded, namely Brilliance Jinbei in Shenyang. As an early light commercial vehicle, it was able to lose many competitors in a short time. In 1997, it ranked first in China.In 2010, this car was still warm, with a market share of 75% and a large number of sales and vehicles. In addition, it had ranked first in the sales of commercial vehicles for nearly 20 years.In fact, a lot of people have not heard of this brand, mainly because he is a commercial car, generally speaking, it is difficult for ordinary people to contact this kind of car.Later, with the introduction of various large auto brands into commercial vehicles, the business of Brilliance Golden Cup became more and more difficult, and many people began to grab the jacket inside brilliance Golden Cup.In just one year, it fell from the sky to the bottom, directly from making money, into a loss of 200 million, which is the beginning of the road to loss, and then also want to continue to develop for opportunities, who knows and many companies have been cooperating, a little improvement after there is no sign of any desolate.And because of too much debt, Brilliance Renault was also included in the list of persons subject to enforcement for breach of trust, the amount involved is more than 9 million yuan.It’s almost impossible to turn over for a while.Bring brilliance Renault summary Renault started as a normal car companies, and another car company of the joint venture contract expire after choosing directly to the brilliance, the results did not think of god is so unfair, come to China as a foreign cooperation for three times are all losing money, it seems that the bankruptcy of the main reason to find.Finally, I hope that brilliance can stage a comeback in the future and finish all its debts. Breaking promises is more terrible than bankruptcy.