The era of only elite schools and only degrees is over!

2022-04-27 0 By

I believe we are all familiar with this picture. In a variety show for job hunting, the reason for the rejection was that the first degree did not meet the standard.In recent years, the news about the first degree also hit the hot search from time to time, “focusing on the first stage of higher education diploma, different degrees of discrimination against part-time, junior college, second-degree and even non-prestigious diploma”, making “the first degree” depicted more and more important.Under the general trend, the country has introduced a lot of policies, has become the Gospel of many partners.These policies have been fully reflected in the arrival of the civil service examination job table.The announcement of the 2022 Jilin Provincial Civil service examination has been released, and 30% of the positions do not require a degree, which shows that the degree we have improved through our own efforts has been recognized by the state.And many colleges and universities have cancelled the full-time major is also called every want to improve the educational partner’s welfare.In the future, everyone has the right to be a civil servant, and competition will gradually increase, so you must seize the opportunity to go ashore!