Anhui University values talents!Settling allowance 3.5 million, annual salary 1.2 million!Can solve the problem of children’s education

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For many highly educated people, looking for a job is not very difficult, after all, just go to a foreign company can get very high salary and very generous benefits, and salary of hundreds of thousands of is not the problem, would like to open a Mercedes is no longer a dream, with the volume within the job market, enterprise’s survival space are getting smaller, shrinking wage cut this as if has become a normal action.Actually students like to take an examination of civil servants is understandable, in the present age, salary of millions this is dream, unless students can get a doctoral degree, and then enter the foreign company to work to get a higher salary, if you go to the domestic enterprise to work, also need to find some listed companies, or the like huawei, can give you to pay such a high salary.In fact, there is a post can also consider signing up, and still state-owned, the name of the work unit is Anhui University, Anhui University can be said to attach great importance to the problem of talent, pay more attention to the quality of teaching, and give excellent talent treatment is also extremely rich.Anhui University is recruiting talents with a large sum of money!Anhui University believes that everyone is not unfamiliar, the recruitment announcement content of the university is not particularly complex, first of all, the first echelon of talent, this kind of talent is their ideal high-end talent, but also the top talent, the resettlement fee is negotiated face to face, what kind of people can go?The academy of Sciences has done a good job in engineering and transformation of achievements, and has made great contributions to the society or the country. The start-up fund is also interviewed. After all, he is a high-end talent with the rank of a big man.The second is the elite of the elite, few doctoral student can do this, this kind of talent is required, in major contributions to the personnel training the scientific research and achievements on this significant contribution, and are widely recognized in this field, with an international vision, and must have the feelings.The salary of such talents is very high, with an annual salary of 1.2 million yuan and a settlement allowance of 3.5 million yuan. Moreover, they can solve the education problem of their children. In other words, their children can enjoy local first-class education resources, only middle and primary schools.Elite talent, this kind of person really does not have method to define salary, salary conditions are negotiable, scientific research starting cost is also interview, resettlement fee is also interview.The salary should not be bad, which is much better than the general private enterprises, students can also consider whether they need to apply for the past.At the very least, the settlement should not be less than a million.This kind of talent also has requirements, has a relatively high reputation at home and abroad, and also has a great influence, in talent training, achievement transformation, scientific research, engineering technology, social service has made a significant contribution to it, otherwise anyone can come, this is like what thing.I believe there are many students here have been very moved, I have to say, this school is really willing to spend a lot of money in recruiting, I have to admire this school, from which we can also see the ambition of this university, it is preparing for the top five.To sum up the recruitment of anhui University, I personally think this salary is very generous. If you have the ability in this aspect, you can have a try. What do you think?