Calm sends the husband to go out, the action after the wife turns round makes a person break prevent, how is long-distance husband and wife endure?

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Are you — are you a long distance couple?Have you seen how long distance couples survive?Do you know what it’s like for a long-distance couple when they part?Calm to send her husband out, the wife turned around after the action is broken to see a video on the Internet, about a wife to send her husband out to work.After the fifteenth day of the first month, the year also ended, the sixteenth day, the husband will drive a car from home to go to work.The wife, dressed in pajamas, sees her husband out calmly, looking at his car and slowly driving away.The wife calmly closed the door and turned to go inside.However, after turning around, his wife could not resist and began to cry.It was only when the husband turned on the camera that he found the footage.Originally a mediocre farewell picture, after seeing his wife turned around after the action, is really breaking defense, can not help but also follow the sad.In particular, the same long-distance couples are more likely to break defense, can not help but think of their husband and the separation of the scene.There are many similar scenarios.The wife had just given birth and it was time for the husband to go to work.Before leaving home, the husband gently stroked his children and said goodbye to his wife.The wife at this time seems very calm.But, in the husband turned to walk that moment, the wife could not help but cover her face and cry.This picture, it’s broken again.How do long-distance couples cope?One of the sad and helpless, experienced just understand the side of the long-distance husband and wife, really many.Sad and helpless one: take baby, filial piety old man, human contact, one of the husband of boudoir, in the field site, every year on the New Year will come back a month.Once my bestie looked for fruit mother to make fun of her 5-year-old daughter who was in hospital with a high fever. She took care of her daughter while working.On the night of discharge, my mother-in-law came to her relatives. After dinner, it was already 9 o ‘clock. My bestie coaxed my daughter to sleep, and my mother-in-law asked my bestie to drive relatives to the airport.Bestie, who had not slept for a day and a night, drove back and forth for more than 2 hours.Bestie said, such things, she is used to.Her husband is not at home, she is a person “link”, want to work, want to take baby, want to take care of the elderly, want to deal with human contact, a person, not just at the same time, but also suffer unbearably.They say men are stressed and need to support a family.For long-distance couples, in fact, women are more difficult, need to use their own thin shoulders, carry a home.How did bestie “endure” for so many years?At the beginning, also cried, later also understand, cry also useless.Therefore, the thin shoulders, more and more generous.Can support her, in addition to the children, and her husband’s care.Just like her mother-in-law asked her to drive her relatives that thing, the husband found out, went home and had a big tantrum, the bestie and in-laws were scared.But after a fire, the in-laws did not dare to order their daughter-in-law at will.Understanding, enlightening, mediating family relations, although the husband is in the field, but, such spiritual support, behavioral support, certainly can not be less.Sad and helpless two: others into a pair, he was alone, heart lonely Valentine’s Day, fruit dad and fruit mom with pistachio go out to eat, the next table is a treasure mother with children.The treasure mother’s food has not been served, she took her mobile phone to open a video call, not for a moment, the other end of the phone came from the man impatient voice: “I am still working overtime, why!”Treasure mother grievously say: “husband, valentine’s day, you forget again!”That man continued to say impatiently: “Foreigner’s festival, have what lead!I’ll hang up.”Treasure mother said: “then Tanabata you did not express ah!”Just treasure mama’s words have not finished, the other party has hung up the phone.Bao Ma lay on the table to cry, the side of the child is only 5 or 6 years old, at first some meng, but soon skilled to hold her mother, comfort her mother.Long-distance husband and wife, husband and wife, people are not in a sad, if the heart is not in a place, so that the other party can not feel the warmth, so, the temperature of the marriage will plunge.For long-distance couples, mutual care, understanding, ritual sense is also an important way for two people to survive.Sad and helpless three: from missing, to habit, to suspicion, the marriage is crumbling long-distance couples, from the starting purpose, generally the husband is to make money to support the family, and choose to leave home.The wife chose to stay at home for the sake of the children and taking care of the house.After the division of labor and cooperation, the thoughts between two people, really not necessarily forever.The so-called seven-year itch, but because it is not fresh, used to.And different places, there will be such a run-in.Whether male or female, a person for a long time, if the mind is not firm, it is easy to be tempted to make mistakes.Even if there is no mistake, it is easy to get suspicious after one or two missed calls.This marriage, too, is crumbling.For long-distance couples, in fact, blind trust is unnecessary.After all, people change, not to mention feelings and marriage.Therefore, what long-distance couples should do is to give each other “peace of mind” behavior, stick to their hearts.Pistachio mother message men, all hope the wife children warm kang;Women, also want to have a generous shoulder to rely on.Long-distance couples are forced to do so, but for the sake of the long-term happiness of the family, it is better for the couple to move in with their children as soon as possible.Even if we can’t be together all the time, we should give each other consideration, security and love.I am a happy mother, right hand pen, left hand parenting, to become a mother 60 points, 90 points of their own, is the goal I am working hard.Like my friends, you can pay attention to me, let us discuss parenting, parenting problems.PS: Pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!