Can Yan Yu Fu, an ordinary woman with a female protagonist, surpass Yan Yu Fu, which is green, fat, red and thin

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In the love of costume drama xiaobian face drama shortage of time, almost zero propaganda of the ancient puppet drama “Yan Yu Fu” quietly started!This drama by Qiao Xin, Xu Zhengxi starring, black lotus female and abdominal black male double A people set, the plot acid cool let the audience can not stop ah.There are similarities between Yan Yu Fu and Yan Yu Fu. The heroines are all ordinary girls in their families. Due to various injustices in their birth, Yan Yu Fu is known for its slow rhythm, while yan Yu Fu is on the contrary with its fast rhythm.And Yan Yu Fu can be seen from the title, this is a female theme of the TV series.It seems to be a trend that subjects with female protagonists are more popular among netizens.The most positive place, should be qiao Xin, Xu Zhengxi and other leading actors did not dub, but with their own original voice.This is too good for xiaobian. If movies and TV series want to have a breakthrough and innovation, they should abandon the stereotyped dubbing.The actor’s original voice is recognizable.And how to better represent the character?Original sound is the most basic requirement.In this respect, Yan Yu Fu is sincere.Therefore, soon after the premiere, yan Yu Fu has achieved a good result of over 100 million!What are you waiting for? Go look!