Daqiaotou Town of Shenze County new era culture practice held tug of war competition

2022-04-28 0 By

Hebei News (Li Chang) in order to enrich the leisure cultural life of cadres in the town of Daqiaotou, coagulation, to create a united, nervous, serious, lively working atmosphere, recently, Shenze County Daqiaotou town new era culture practice in the hospital held a tug of war competition.The staff is divided into 4 teams, 2 men’s teams and 2 women’s teams.The mayor acted as the referee, and with the referee’s call, the game began.The players hold the rope with both hands, push firmly on the ground with both feet, and hold their strength together to pull the rope back.Cheerleaders’ shouts, refueling sound one after another, respectively for their own team cheer shout, the whole scene is intense and warm.After fierce competition, the men’s party construction environmental protection office won the first prize, and the women’s agriculture office won the first prize.Through this competition, we not only cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation, but also enhance the communication between colleagues, so that the collective sense of honor is greatly enhanced.The participants have said that they will put the courage to strive for the first determination, confidence to overcome difficulties, the indomitable style of work, the consciousness of the overall situation, the spirit of unity and cooperation into practical action, and effectively promote the high-quality and efficient completion of the work.