Hengyang city water transport affairs center supervision city port wharf safety work

2022-04-28 0 By

Hengyang daily news (full media reporter lisa hu) to ensure safe travel water smooth and orderly, to ensure the safety of citizens the smooth travel, Feb. 9, the relevant person in charge of the municipal water affairs center of line inspection, inspector ports in urban areas, the holiday return to work and production, epidemic prevention and control, and travel safety inspection work.In the morning, the inspection group first came to the city station in front of the passenger ferry, check “Xiang Heng city biao Du 3008” passenger ferry transport situation.The inspectors carefully checked the registration records of the signers to learn about the transportation and the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures. Then, the inspection team boarded the passenger ferry, inspected the ship’s facilities and equipment, and asked the ship’s pilot about the relevant situation.The inspection team organized relevant personnel to hold on-site office meetings, requiring strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, solid work such as temperature measurement, “three-code joint inspection” and relevant personnel information registration;It is required to go all out to deal with low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, and other emergency supplies such as snowmelt agents and straw bags should be adequately stocked and in place in time.”Six not to send navigation” and other systems must be implemented, always tight string of safety, resolutely put an end to overload.Later, the inspection team came to the city’s freight terminals to check the post-holiday resumption of work and environmental protection.In pine wood thousand-ton wharf, detailed understanding of wharf quality improvement and post-holiday resumption work and production.The inspection group requires enterprises to carry out the main responsibility of safe production, operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures, eliminate potential safety hazards in time, and resolutely prevent accidents.