How to play the auxiliary correctly?Excellent auxiliary needs to have the characteristics!

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How to play the auxiliary correctly?Out of the gem economy can’t keep up, economy can’t keep up, equipment can’t keep up, development and tanks and output can’t keep up, what can’t keep up, only lost!Pull out and shoot for three minutes, that shouldn’t be a good auxiliary to say!Goujian ancient King of Yue sleep on brushwood and taste gall, today there are Kings to help endure humiliation, and it is just a game, not also call you to taste gall!1, economy and development are very important, but must first let the archer development, otherwise I what use?Select the auxiliary position, the gem must be produced, the early auxiliary in the stable development of a single mage, can not steal troops;Support wild area fights, don’t be afraid of being robbed buff, first strike strong;Walk support against the road, kill each other’s blood, residual blood enemy hero, or can’t rob;Protect archer development, encounter residual blood can be harvested, that is absolutely not rob.In a word: if I don’t go to hell, who will?Why do I always get hurt?I’m just an auxiliary, a person to do so many things, also do not have that strength!Yes, the auxiliary walk, sometimes in the game very anxious to grow three heads and six arms, but look at their level, economy and equipment, the daytime is really not suitable for dreaming.However, as an auxiliary and want to be a good auxiliary, but also take the risk to the enemy field harassment, invasion of the enemy branch line, the opportunity to rub a wave of economic comfort, but also to observe the map and various lines, fight to quickly support.I meat, I control high, I am the team displacement front row, I am proud, I am proud!3, the whole game down, the spirit collapsed tightly, the map can not see the enemy, the wild area can not find anyone, is not playing dragon?This also got, how can the dragon let, must rob, but against the wind bureau to explore the dragon pit vision, left to see right to see, but really non auxiliary can not……No, what if you’re not controlling dragons and hiding in the shadows?All of a sudden, three feathers popped out of the river!Take the opportunity to lead the line, go step by step, it is better to be steady, but also to protect the shooter!Finally, when the group battle comes and you need me to open the group first, I will use Zhang Fei to open big moves against archers and wizards, and I will use Dong Huang to attract your group control.As an excellent auxiliary, I must always have a sense of crisis, explore the vision, explore the dragon pit, squat in the grass, act as a second pair of eyes of the team, and select the most suitable auxiliary hero for the team based on our hero lineup.The enemy in the wild, I hook a hook harassment;The enemy has Zhen Ji, ah…Then I choose Zhuang Zhou;Wan son opposite, that I choose Zhang Liang, soldiers will block, water will cover, in the choice of wandering auxiliary hero, not only according to their own lineup, but also consider the enemy lineup, through the lineup to judge the play.For example, there is Angela on the other side, it is necessary to be careful of grass by Yin, cheng Bite gold, it is necessary to limit cheng bite gold burst, choose control assistance, east Emperor best use!Therefore, to assist the correct play, to have the awareness of wandering support, appropriate harassment of the enemy field decisive, good at seizing the best opportunity to enter, priority control output and mage.The key moment should be ready to sacrifice for teammates at any time, provide good output environment for teammates, observe the small map at any time, cooperate with the clear line in time, double dragon refresh, but also act as the vision of the dragon pit.Of course, consciousness is the most important, an excellent auxiliary, wretched development wave is always the basic principle.