Jewelry and Jade Carving College of Nanyang Normal University to carry out “love my campus” cleaning activities

2022-04-28 0 By

In order to further promote the volunteer spirit of dedication and build a civilized and harmonious campus environment, students of jewelry and Jade Carving College of Nanyang Normal University actively carried out the “Love my campus” cleaning activity on March 13, 2022, and carefully cleaned every corner of the campus.More than a dozen volunteers participated in the event.Their energy, the atmosphere is active, the entire process of compulsory labor, each group with the cleaning tools in each area, delimit shard good cleaning the litter in the school campus, weeds, debris, the branches hung falling objects, the loading garbage, etc., play a far, afraid tired, indefatigable spirit, not only reveals the youth volunteer’s cutting edge exemplary role fully,It has also established a good image that volunteers are available wherever they are needed.After a cleaning, the whole look of the campus took on a new look, creating a clean and tidy environment for our study and activities.At the same time, I also experienced the difficulties of cleaning aunt. I believe that after this activity, students will be able to realize the power of unity and the hard-won success.(Photo and text by Shen Junwei, Fu Yaqi and Yin Yu)