Leaders come at different levels

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Work depends on ability, person depends on quality, but quality and ability people may not be able to lead, you think?Zi Ri: “If you know it, you can’t keep it.If you gain, you lose.Knowing what you know, benevolence can keep it.Not zhuang to stubble, then people disrespect.Know and, benevolence can keep, zhuang to reach, move not to ceremony, not good also.”This passage is about different levels of management.Confucius spoke of these four levels: wisdom, the ability to do things;Benevolence, is the quality of life;Zhuang focuses on how to be a leader;Li emphasizes culture.Replicable Leadership talks about the role of the manager, and there are several layers of management.First, managers need to be able to build trust;Second, it’s not enough to build trust, it’s also about building a team.Thirdly, after the establishment of a team, it is necessary to establish a system, by which the team runs in an orderly manner.Finally, build culture, which means that companies rely on culture and how much people agree to do something.The above four levels explain the process of managers’ continuous advancement.Hierarchy of leadership Hierarchy of leadership