Stirring!The key moment 6 immortal ball, Davis 30+17 times lost clippers

2022-04-28 0 By

One of the best things about the NBA is that you never know how it’s going to turn out. In today’s Lakers-Clippers Derby, the last two minutes of a heart-wrenching matchup saw every shot count, every shot count.But it was the Clippers who had the last laugh, losing despite 30 points and 17 rebounds from Davis.In the last two minutes of the game, the two sides were only 4 points apart, the Lakers defended the Clippers for a service violation, Monk broke through to make it 2+1, and then Westbrook made a mid-range hit to make the lead back up, so that the fans saw the hope, everyone stood up to watch.Jackson shouted tactical success, mismatched Davis easy drive to the basket, monk refused to bend the top of the defense players hit a 3-pointer, to help the team lead by two points.At this time time is less than a minute, many fans think the Lakers hope to turn over more and more, did not expect after the timeout, Tyronn Lue’s tactics again successful (Tyronn Lue will be the first possession of the timeout offensive scoring rate as high as 91%), Maurice jr., the left corner of the bottom corner hit a three pointer to lead again.Not to be outdone, Lakers coach Chuck Vogel also called a timeout, and Westbrook dribbled the ball to Davis for a dunk that led to a one-point lead.But there were no timeouts, and the Clippers had their final drive. After Jackson dribbled the ball past Westbrook halfway through the court, he drove to the left side of the arc, got a help in the paint, and swiped the ball in to put the clippers up by one.With less than five seconds left and no timeouts left, Davis grabbed the ball, ran up court and missed a jumper. The Lakers lost the Clippers 110-111.The lakers and clippers had six shots in the final two minutes, including six points from Monk, two from Westbrook, two from Davis, and three from Maurice Morris jr., four from Jackson, who hit game-winning shots for the Clippers, five lead changes in less than 120 seconds.The fans were very excited.Davis finished with 30 points and 17 rebounds, Westbrook had 17 points, six rebounds and four assists, and Monk had 21 points, seven rebounds and seven assists. For the Clippers, Jackson had 25 points, eight rebounds and six assists, Morris Jr. had 29 points, seven rebounds and three assists, Ibaka had 20 points and nine rebounds, and Kennard had 10 points.The lakers have lost five straight to the Clippers and are 1-9 in their last nine games.With the loss, the lakers are 25-28, ninth in the Western Conference, 4.5 games behind the sixth-place Denver nuggets.Do you think the lakers still have hope this season?