“Xi ‘an Experience” was recognized

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Recently, shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued a notice of 13 civilized tourism demonstration units in Shaanxi province, among which 5 scenic spots, including Xi ‘an City Wall · Forest of Steles Historical and Cultural Scenic Spot, Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Xi ‘an Qinling Wildlife Park and White Deer World Studio, were selected, which not only became the city with the most cities in the province.Among them, xi ‘an’s experience in cultural relic protection and civilization tourism integration innovation has been fully recognized by the industry.”Golden Armor warrior” as the “civilized messenger”, propaganda civilized travel concept.(File photo) Let cultural relic protection and civilized tourism blend into the hearts of citizens and tourists.Please wear it in public.””Bawcock!The city has been long, fear for safety, please move “……When visiting the Xi ‘an City Wall scenic area, the “golden Armor warriors” traveling in the scenic area every encounter uncivilized behavior of the citizens and tourists, will use classical Chinese style advice to dissuade, assisted by ancient bow etiquette, such creative interaction has been recognized by the national tourists, has also become a civilized tourism “network red messenger”.Not long ago, golden Armor warriors of Xi ‘an City Wall were selected into the list of “Excellent Cases of Civilized Supervisors” by the Market Management Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism by virtue of the short video “Dissuade Uncivilized Behavior of Xi ‘an Scenic Spot sent Tang Warriors”, which further promoted the brand of civilized tourism in the scenic spot.As a window to show civilization to tourists, Xi ‘an City Wall · Forest of Steles Historical and cultural Scenic Spot starts from little by little, and actively advocates new experience of civilized tourism. By issuing civilized manuals to tourists, adding civilized tourism signs and other measures, it popularizes civilized etiquette norms to the public and advocates a new trend of civilized etiquette.In recent years, the scenic spot has also actively carried out volunteer service activities, organized volunteers to serve the scenic spot during holidays, established a voluntary service system and learned from Lei Feng position in the scenic spot, and organized social public welfare activities from time to time.In addition, the tourist center has a big screen to introduce the scenic spot and guide the surrounding play. The products of the merchants in the scenic spot are clearly marked with price tags. A complaint telephone is set up in the main scenic spots and a 24-hour complaint handling mechanism is established to ensure that the problems of tourists can be solved in the first time.All this is inseparable from the hard work of the scenic area staff, which not only matches the characteristics of the cultural relics scenic spot, but also makes the concept of promoting cultural relics protection and advocating civilized behavior naturally blend into the hearts of citizens and tourists.Various forms of civilized tourism activities have been carried out in various scenic spots. “The third Qinling Ecological Little Guardian”, “Four Treasures of Qinling Welcome the whole movement and I add new green to Qinling”, “the 40th bird-loving Week”…In 2021, Xi ‘an Qinling Wildlife Park will launch a number of civilized tourism and ecological protection activities to convey the concept of protecting the environment, protecting wild animals, civilized tourism and civilized travel to citizens and tourists.”We ask all staff to set an example and actively advocate new civilized tourism experience.”Xi ‘an Qinling Wildlife park related person in charge said that in recent years, they to the civilization of tourism signs create text propaganda board, civilization tourism volunteer service post as the basis, actively propagandistic civilization tourism content, set up a good image of civilization tourism.”As a national 5A-level tourist attraction, it is an important measure for the comprehensive development of the scenic spot to carry out civilized tourism creation work!”When it comes to the creation of civilized tourism, the relevant person in charge of Daming Palace National Heritage Park has repeatedly stressed its importance.It is understood that the scenic area is mainly from the ideological and moral construction, management, supervision mechanism, and to create civilized service quality, etc, in the digital video monitoring system construction aspect, safety inspection cover no dead Angle, establish independent ticketing system, entrance guard system, set the specialist is responsible for the comprehensive information collection, processing, distribution, to ensure that issues will be resolved in the first place.In view of the services, the scenic spot has a long-term open tourist service center, offers visitors information consulting services, through the set a good example to advocate civilized travel, optimized civilization tourism quality constantly, improve the fine service management, improve tourist satisfaction and service quality, strengthen quality supervision classification management, established a relatively perfect quality operation system.No major tourism safety accidents have occurred in The city in recent years. In recent years, Xi ‘an Culture and Tourism Bureau has integrated civilized tourism into epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. In mid-July 2020, xi ‘an Culture and tourism industry will hold a conference to welcome the 14th Transport and create a national civilized city and greatly improve the cultural tourism environment.Xi ‘an has issued the Implementation Plan of Civilized Tourism Action in 2020, strengthened the training of tour guides and other practitioners, and continued to strengthen the publicity and guidance of civilized tourism.In addition, cultural and tourism departments at all levels in Xi ‘an have made extensive use of official authoritative website platforms and wechat public accounts to carry out various forms of travel tips and warnings, guide tourists to make reservations and travel at different peak times, organize volunteer services, and jointly create a new trend of civilized, healthy and green tourism. Civilized tourism has become a beautiful scenery of the ancient city.More to the point, the epidemic prevention and control during the holiday, traffic order, security, environmental regulation, market supervision, consumption guide and emergency disposal and so on each work, carefully deployment and strong operation, making xi ‘an culture and tourism market presents a “security, order, quality, efficiency and civilization”, urban order without significant tourism safety accidents in the city in recent years,There were no major travel complaints.Ceaseless civilization fire, into the characteristics of The Times, this ancient city from the depths of history will continue to write a new chapter of civilized tourism city.Article: Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Yang Mingtu: Xi ‘an Press All media chief reporter Li Ming Editor: Xiao Lu Review: Tianyi produced: Xi ‘an Press Media Group Xi ‘an Press · Xi ‘an Daily All rights reserved