“Road icing warning” January 27 jingning County meteorological station issued a yellow warning signal for road icing

2022-04-29 0 By

Jingning County Meteorological Observatory issued yellow warning signal for road icing at 16:41 on January 27, 2022:Is expected within 24 hours of ancient towns, kernel big town, gan ditch town, city streets, post shop town, eight in town, li town, city, town, bridge township, sichuan CaoWu Town, double Xian town, big town, township, yu bay dja township, a deep ditch township, flat, XinDian Township, four river town, red temple town, fine lane township, sanhe township, the original Ann town, ganoderma lucidum township, town, si county, and other parts will be icy roadsImpact, please be prepared for the relevant units and personnel!(Information source: National Early Warning Issuing Center) 1. Transportation and public security departments should make preparations for road icing according to their duties;2. Drivers should pay attention to road conditions and drive safely;3. Pedestrians should ride bicycles as little as possible and pay attention to anti-slip.