What’s the difference between old photos from the 50’s to 70’s and today’s Photoshop?Just look at it

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Hi, I am Yunfei, meet you again, I hope the text line, touch you my feelings, thank you for your attention, like, forward and leave a message, love you oh!Do you know the difference between an old black and white photo and a photoshop photo or a real photo from the 50’s to 70’s?The TV series “The World” tells the real life of ordinary people, from a lot of details to see the life of that era.Take a family photo. At that time, it was really hard to take a group photo.The TV series opened, Zhou Family parents Zhou Zhigang, to the photo studio to take photos, a group of 5 people a photo.This is because in 1969, the idealistic movement “up the mountain and down to the countryside” brought one tenth of the urban population, about 16 million people, into the rural areas and joined the corps. The vast number of educated young people responded to the call to devote themselves to rural development and construction.People away from home, a photograph is a memory.A care.It was one of the greatest migrations from city to country in modern human history.Then there was a similar collective migration, but on a much smaller scale. The construction of the Yangtze River dam also moved all the local residents, but the relocation place was much better than before. Zhuhai also accepted a group of residents from Chongqing wanzhou area.Always want to take a group photo of the Zhou family, has been described in the 17th episode of the play, it was the Spring Festival of 1980, the family took advantage of 30 years photo studio is still open, just to make up for Zhou Zhigang will return from home on the eighth day of the New Year, and the studio has not opened time.Who expected this day, daughter-in-law Hao Dongmei’s father, governor Hao to go home to sit, Zhou Zhigang learned, cancel the family photo activity, the whole family cleaning, in order to meet the leader’s visit.Unexpectedly, Governor Hao suffered an asthma attack and was admitted to hospital.The Zhou family was busy for a long time, as if no photos were taken, and no one was waiting.The story continues in episode 25, 19 years later, in 1988.Zhou Zhi gang retired, the eldest son Zhou Bingyi, daughter Zhou Rong returned to Jichun work, in that reunion is not easy, can sit together, the family is the wish of the family.No material youth rebellious period of Yue Yue and mother Zhou Rong heart rift, Yue Yue ran out, this photo was delayed.In 19 years, the Zhou family has changed from a family of 5 to a big family of 12, including Zheng Juan’s brother.A group photo, is the witness of life changes.Dad workshop big photo, I went to make do with my mother’s 5 golden flowers this is when I was a child, about 3 years old when it comes to the old photos, taking photos is not easy.The equipment itself was scarce, and the operation of borrowed cameras was not easy, not even for professionals, who took blurred pictures.A roll of film would take up to 18 black and white pictures, and later 36 color pictures.After the shooting, the film has to be taken to the development shop, a few days later to have the desired picture.If, as is often the case, the film is exposed, it will be all for nothing.Going to a photo studio is the ideal thing to do, but taking a group photo becomes difficult.My two Cousins and I are both of the same age. The professional background of the studio and the unity of background make the photos of that year look the same in the sense.Still, these old photos are a testament to life, as well as The Times.Nowadays, taking photos has changed from black and white to color, from film to digital, from difficult to take photos to take photos whenever you want. With the development of science and technology, life experience is more perfect.# New Year’s Diary #