Damai.com users’ complaint data released in 2021:11 times “not rated”

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On February 10, 2022, through big data analysis of real users’ complaint cases accepted by Damai (Beijing Damai Culture and Media Development Co., LTD.) in 2021, damai published the consumption rating data, annual complaint data and typical cases of 2021.Damai, founded in 2004, is represented by He Mi, according to cop.100ec.cn.Is China’s leading live entertainment industry comprehensive service provider, business covers concerts, drama, musical, sports events, music, parent-child, exhibition and leisure and other fields.In March 2017, Damai became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alibaba, integrating into alibaba entertainment business layout.According to the official website, as the key link between online and offline entertainment industry within Ali system, Damai.com continues to make efforts in the upstream and downstream of the industry on the basis of consolidating its original advantages in the ticketing field, and is committed to the full-link layout of the three live entertainment fields of content, venue and ticketing.1. Damai.com user complaint data released:The consumer rating ranking of 2021 is based on the massive big data of 163 consumer dispute cases accepted by Dianhubao (315.100 ec.cn), a well-known third-party domestic online consumer dispute mediation platform that has been operating for more than 10 years, in 2021.According to the evaluation of multiple index model of feedback rate, feedback timeliness and satisfaction, the data rating is automatically generated by the system, independent, objective and fair.Every year on March 15 is the “international consumer rights day”, established by the international Consumer Union organization in 1983, the purpose is to educate consumers, improve the awareness and ability of consumers to safeguard their rights and interests, and deal with consumer complaints, to help consumers recover losses.Since the CCTV 315 Gala in 1991, a large number of quality problems concerned by consumers have been exposed every year, and the problems existing in the consumer environment have been deeply exposed, so as to promote consumers’ awareness of rights protection and enterprises’ awareness of their own shortcomings.The “315” large-scale theme activities launched by the network economic society’s “telev Treasure” are also in preparation, and readers are welcome to provide clues.In 2021, a total of 41 digital life platforms with the number of complaints will be listed on the list, and some cases will be included in the “2021 China E-commerce User Experience and Complaint Monitoring Report” routinely released by the Influential social think tank — The E-commerce Research Center of The Internet, Economy and Social Society and The Electronic Complaint Monitoring Center.Today’s release is “Damai net” electric lawsuit bao consumption rating data.According to The website, damai received 11 consumer ratings in 2021, 11 of which were “unrated”. The overall consumer rating for 2021 will be “unrated”.2.1 Distribution of consumption Problems According to data.100ec.cn, an e-commerce database affiliated to Damai.com, “Damai.com” is suspected of having problems such as refund, difficulty in returning or exchanging goods, and invoice problems.2.2 Regional Distribution of Complaints According to “Dianshubao”, a large e-commerce database affiliated to The Company, users who complained about “Damai.com” mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Jilin, Fujian, Guizhou and Liaoning in 2021.2.3 Gender Distribution of Complaints According to “Dianshubao”, a large e-commerce database affiliated to Dianshubao, 76.92% of female users complained about “Damai.com”, while 23.08% of male users complained.2.4 Proportion of Complaint Amount According to “Dianshubao”, a large e-commerce database affiliated to Dianshubao, users’ complaint consumption amount of “Damai.com” is mainly in the range of 1000-5000 yuan and 100-500 yuan.On December 15, a student in Zhejiang province complained to Weijianbao that she bought meng Jinghui’s play Rhinoceros in Love at Hangzhou’s Honeycomb Theater on the Damai app on October 25.Due to the sudden outbreak of dozens of epidemic cases in Shaoxing within a few days, Shaoxing city immediately entered the first-level response state, schools immediately took measures to close, and advance the final exam to 27 days in advance to the 8th of next month.Damai’s customer service turned a blind eye to the travel certificate submitted, and repeatedly emphasized that only one week before the performance can be accepted.The student said the epidemic was so serious that it could spread at any time. Damai put it off again and again, completely ignoring the safety of people in the affected areas and moviegoers.The epidemic spread to the whole country, consciously abide by the local epidemic prevention policies as a consumer, not out of the city, not out of the province, barley is using the overlord terms, ignoring the legitimate demands of consumers, and even wrong we submit the refund application to do any processing, may even don’t have to submit the action, not conforming to the state of the current epidemic prevention policy, also violated the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.On November 2, a woman surnamed Li in Jiangsu province told Bao via phone that she bought tickets for the Suzhou Railway Station concert of Chinese mainland rock band New Pants on October 14, 2021, and went to Shanghai Disneyland on October 31, 2021.According to the epidemic prevention and control, he has been required to quarantine for 14 days and cannot go to the concert on November 6, 2021.On November 1, I received the message that the ticket could be refunded in full due to the epidemic situation, and I drew an X on the ticket and tore it up according to the steps prompted by the message, but my application for refund was rejected.Damai will not refund tickets, citing the concentrated quarantine as “personal reasons.”Ms. Li said that the tickets have been torn up according to the requirements of Damai.com, and are not transferable or refundable. The merchants are suspected of false propaganda in the text message, and Ms. Li is now demanding a full refund.On September 17, a woman surnamed Liang in Fujian province told Bao via phone that she had infringed on her rights when it came to the refund of a ticket she bought from Damai on September 7, 2021 for a performance at nawan Xiamen Station.Due to the outbreak of fujian, Ms. Liang think this trip is very dangerous, though performance has not yet received the official stop notice, but because he is a junior college students in school, the school is in fuzhou, and because of the outbreak, the school has banned travel, only let the sick students out of school, go to xiamen also needs to take a train, the continued spread, if out of school, his class is not come back,Therefore, I hope damai.com can give me a refund to reduce unnecessary trouble, but Damai.com has always rejected the refund application.After receiving the complaints from the above users, we immediately transferred the complaint case to the relevant staff of the platform for supervision and proper handling. However, we have not received any reply from the complained platform before publishing this article.Because of the outbreak to refund “barley nets” User complaints temporarily no one to accept on August 2, zhejiang to ms ho “electric v. treasure” reflect said she in July 16, 2021 drama in the barley nets bought three tickets “dinner”, July 30, Beijing has confirmed will be coronavirus infection in both cases, the zhejiang province issued a “non-essential not province” policy,My office has repeatedly advised me not to travel.Originally, Ms. Hu hesitated, because not to go and a great loss, but when Ms. Hu hesitated, Ctrip returned Ms. Hu in full Beijing tour fees, air tickets.Therefore, Believing that the epidemic seemed to be serious, Ms. Hu resolutely refunded the ticket to Damai.com. She contacted repeatedly but did not receive any response. Ms. Hu said that it was always a cold robot.Mr. Yuan in Shanghai reported to “Zhenbao” that he placed an order for the tickets of 2021ChinaJoy on The Damai APP on July 27, 2021, with a value of 130 YUAN. Due to the epidemic,I applied for the refund on July 29, but no one has handled it so far, nor can I contact the human customer service.Mr. Yuan said the current order shows that online customer service on the APP is a quick response to the computer.Call customer service hotline is also computer customer service, did not solve the problem, can not find manual customer service.Moreover, there is no chat record with the computer automatic customer service every time, and the consumption experience is very poor.In the consumer Rating list of 2021 National digital life platforms, the platforms that are “recommended to place orders” are Zhonghua Accounting Online School, Bangkao.com, Ctrip, One Boat Education, Master Wan, Flying Pig, Same trip, Go See travel, Open class, Where to go;The “prudent order” platform is Lianlian peripheral tour, travel cost-effective, Tanzhou Education, global online school;The platforms that were “not recommended to place orders” were Hexue.com, Datang Xiaoyu, Tiantianjianbao, Keep, Xuehui.com and Meituan.Won the “no rating” platform has the public comments on, the small leaf partners, ivy: dad, love not stitching, constant enterprise education, sea wind education, 1 to 1 VIP partners, owners, randy children’s English, the best education, vipkid donkey ride, 123 micro travel, swim, wheat for parent-child, 51 talk, suntech institutions, chi heng, 58 city, boring net, barley net, hungryYao.