People reported gan headlines | crossing the road at night safer!New “noctilucent” zebra crossings in Lanzhou

2022-04-30 0 By

To increase the visibility of driving at night, warning vehicles comity pedestrian effectively, to ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing the street, recently, the public security traffic police in lanzhou choose bigger speed faster, people crossing the street at night under the small west lake north riverside road overpass of riverside road, south of the Yellow River mother, installed in the two the zebra crossing Gao Liangguang reflective spike, let the night driving past through the reflective high strength,Effectively prompt the vehicle to stop and give way.In recent years, through the strengthening of publicity and continuous improvement, the zebra crossing of Vehicle comity in Lanzhou has become a popular trend and has become the “beautiful name card” of Golden City Lanzhou.However, traffic accidents caused by indecorous pedestrians at zebra crossings occur from time to time.In 2021, there were 73 traffic accidents involving unruly pedestrians at zebra crossings in the city, resulting in 10 deaths and 71 injuries.”One small step for comity, one big step for safety and civilization”.Pedestrians on zebra crossings have absolute priority in the right of passage. It requires all parties to make efforts again to yield to pedestrians. The addition of “luminous” zebra crossings will help build a safe, civilized and harmonious road traffic environment.Photo source lanzhou Morning Post wechat official account