Serialized “my workplace PK record”, this is not a film and television drama, this is the original true

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Note 1: until that and I with the same post at the same level manager Yang was too white Venus introduced from the sky, one day my good day came to an end, began to feel tired body, heart bitter ah!…………………Note 2: I can’t let the people who care about me down down and down again.I want to fight back, hero can bend can stretch, stand injustice, can also make out of resistance.I used to work with a woman in Shanghai who was an HR manager like me.Her name is Yang Min and she is called Manager Yang.We were about the same age, a little older than me, with the same seniority.Overseas? Better than me.I go first, she goes last.I was recruited. She was parachuted in.She is a Shanghai native and I am a stranger.I’m single. She’s married, but she dresses up and looks mature and flirty.We have a common boss, the director of human resources, also a Shanghai native, an old man called “Taibai Jin Xing”.He was called “Too white Venus” because his hair and beard were all white and he liked to wear white clothes.Grow gaunt gaunt, appear fairy bone.It’s said to be a relative of the boss.Although he is over 50 years old, he has strong comprehensive ability.He can do nothing all day long, but let the company bow and bow to him, no one refuses to accept.In particular, the heads of our departments (all women except me) tended to treat him with great respect.Because of his old age, even the middle-aged boss was courteous to him.There are not many people in our head office, less than 100.Our boss has many business sectors, and the headquarters office is basically no matter how much, so it is usually managed by Taibai Jinxing.Yang Min was also heard to be the daughter of an old friend of don’s. I don’t know if this is true!Because Venus is too white to say.The don arranges two hr managers for one company. I know he wants to create a tense PK culture for us anytime and anywhere, which is conducive to his own management.But privately he said to me, “I don’t want you to be too busy. Find someone to help you.I chuckled.In public, he persuaded me like this: You are a man, you are an old employee, you should take more care of the new manager Yang.A man!I also readily position: the leadership rest assured, I have no problem!Therefore, after Manager Yang came, I enthusiastically to help her, guide her, she is also very good at life, every day rob to ask me to have lunch, drink milk tea, but also every day to bring me delicious.A week later, Taibai Jinxing let us choose from several modules of personnel administration. I took the initiative to undertake recruitment and performance, which were the most difficult to do, while Manager Yang did training and salary.Then Taibai Jinxing said to me: You are the only male manager of our company, we take care of you, you set your mind on the recruitment, performance and other things you don’t care, I and Manager Yang together to do it for you!I don’t care. Ask me what I want.I replied, “I just want her secretary to help me with recruitment, with reception, form-filling and notification work, nothing else.”Too white Venus side with a mature style of female manager, of course, to her that little girl did not care, as expected full promise.I want this female subordinate, called xiao Fang.A little baby fat on the outside, but cute in my eyes.When manager Yang and I have not entered the company, we have been the special secretary of Taibai Jinxing.She’s just out of school and hasn’t been working long but she’s a good, righteous little girl.Because she was quick and clever, the old man was satisfied with her ability as a secretary.But Xiao Fang is a bit outspoken and conservative.The old man didn’t seem to like her very much.Otherwise, we two managers won’t be hired again.I knew it was Xiao Fang who picked me out of many applicants and recommended the don. I was very grateful to Xiao Fang.After I joined the company, Xiao Fang appreciated my business ability and personality, and we got along with each other very harmoniously.No matter how hard the work is, it does not feel bitter, and no matter how tired it is, it does not feel tired.So, I can have nothing, but I want her to help me.She was also very willing, which made me very happy.I also did everything I could to help and take her without reservation.Until that and I with the same post at the same level of Manager Yang was too white Venus introduced from the sky, one day my good day came to an end, began to feel tired, the heart bitter ah!Tired?Bitter?1. I was sifting through resumes at my desk while she was laughing and talking in her office.I made a phone call to meet her at my desk. She was laughing and talking in the office of Taibai Gold Star.I was interviewing one talent after another, and she was laughing and talking in the office of Tai Bai Jin Xing….One might ask, since you are busy with your work, how do you know that she is laughing and talking in the boss’s office?I think as soon as I answered, you probably did a double take.Our office at Taibai Gold Star is directly opposite our lobby office.And his office is glass, transparent.’He deliberately set it up so that he could always see what the employees outside were doing,’ Ms. Taibai said.In turn, employees on the outside can see what people on the inside are doing all the time.My desk, in particular, happens to be face to face with the office I lead.There was a time when I was so busy recruiting receptionists that I didn’t pay much attention to anything else.Until xiao Fang reminded me to say: you ah, don’t busy all day to busy, also want to see what others are doing appropriately.After the small fang remind, I just saw the above scenes.It turned out that when I was busy, another manager, under the pretext of communicating with leaders for meetings, basically spent a lot of time in the leadership office. When I looked up, I often saw Manager Yang, dressed like a fashion model, covering his mouth with a smile.I say to small fang: this also have no what ah, discuss work!A humorous person tells a joke or something to improve the communication atmosphere.Small fang sighed and said: not necessarily, you only see, but hear!Don’t believe, I open a few doors for you, your ears listen, I believe you can hear.Then she did so, unconsciously, and just in time motioned me to have a look.But I said disapprovingly, “I don’t have time to listen, I don’t have time to listen, I don’t want to listen, I don’t have time to finish the interview indicators every day, so I don’t have time to listen to these things.But then, even though I didn’t want to hear or see, I stumbled upon it a few times.Later just know, once: I knock on the door to go in to look for the superior to sign the document, they have not stopped from the audacious laughter, see me come, immediately stop laughing.Too white gold star say: you this person knock at the door I have not heard, also not knock for a while.Remember that next time!Another time: I have anxious thing to ask for instructions leadership, or knock the door did not wait for leadership to agree to directly open the door to go in, see them two gather together seem to see what thing.When I went in, the manageress popped out like a spring.I was surprised to find lipstick on the sleeve of my shirt.He stood up and got angry and accused me in my face: you always forget how many times I told you to come in and knock on the door so that I could only come in if I said yes.How can you do that with a memory in your head?Next time you do that, I’ll deduct your money.I didn’t mean it, so I had to blush and apologize.Sign it, close the door and get out.After this, the office door of Tai Bai Jin Xing was locked.Through the glass door, we see a pair of figures all kinds of intimate show.A few back of personal experience, also gradually understand small fang’s kindness to remind.However, during the following period, my recruitment became more and more difficult.The talent I wanted, just didn’t show up.A man who says he’s gonna report is gonna stand him up.Or clearly come in talent, just can’t stay.And for all kinds of reasons.From my years of experience, they’re super weird. They have no logic.So, in the following time, every department meeting, I was too white Venus publicly scolded or accused the object.For three months in a row, my performance pay was almost docked.Then, manager Yang would blame me for any KPI he didn’t complete.No one training, I blame recruitment;No one posts, I blame recruitment;Choose and employ persons is not good, blame me recruitment;And at the monthly meetings he presented a lot of seemingly useful ideas that made the old man’s day.The don adopted it on the spot and gave Manager Yang the “excellent suggestion award”.As a result, Yang’s first few months in the company did not reduce her salary, but also increased a lot, and soon she became a full-time employee.And I’m screwed. I’m always at risk of getting fired by the old man.Manager Yang even said several times in Taibai Jinxing that I had an ambiguous relationship with subordinates, which seriously affected my work, so the recruitment effect was not good.The old man immediately announced that he had transferred my little fang to the manageress.Say is: assist female manager trivial essence work, ask me without his agree, can’t call at will small fang.So I’m a single manager again.Actually, it hurts more than docking my pay.However, I always feel that there must be a problem in my working method or a deviation in my working attitude.Day after day, NIGHT after night, I kept reflecting and adjusting, but it didn’t work.For this I am distressed, I am troubled, I drown my sorrows in wine.Because I’m not the man I used to be at work.At that time, I’m sure I looked terrible.Fortunately every time in my such as cocoon bound cannot extricate oneself of time, have considerate small fang to care about me quietly.She always slips me a note or sends me a message on wechat.All to give me encouragement, pep talk and so on.Sometimes, he would take the initiative to pass on some information to me, telling me that Manager Yang had spoken ill of me in the don again.Not much at first, but more and more.And then it turned out to be in front of me.It’s so hard for me to look up when I’m there.I know my days at the company are numbered.Those days, I saw xiao Fang look at me in the eyes full of helplessness and disappointment.But I have to endure.I’m also thinking that I’m going to be a big loser and out of the picture.Death before death often makes a hero weep.I am not willing to work a cavity of blood, cautious and conscientious I, finally only fall like this outcome.The company’s environmental treatment is also good, xiao Fang is sincere to me, I can not let the people who care about me disappointed disappointed again.I wanted to fight back. I knew a hero could bend or stretch, endure injustice, and make a fight.I really did not think of, in the dark help and support of xiao Fang, later I just like a new man in general, fate also produced dramatic changes.(To find out what happens next, tune in next time!)