“Supertest Preview” the new German taste map “Kassel” is coming

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Hello, everybody!Another new map recently released in supertest is Kassel/Castle, an industrial city in northern Hesse, Germany.As the reality of both the “hometown of fairy tales”, “the city of art” and “the city of industry” the ancient city of Fizelle, to it as a prototype design map how to play?Next and follow the author to explore!Background The name of Kassel comes from the Latin word Castellum, which means fortress, fortress. It was originally a fortified royal palace until it was built in 1180.Many of the castles in the city were built in the 18th century, and several art-loving monarchs built palaces, gardens and collected valuable collections, earning Kassel the title of “Capital of Art”.After the reunification of Germany in the 19th century, Kassel gradually developed into an industrial city and became an important center of aircraft and tank manufacturing for the German Army during World War II. Factories such as Henschel and Fieseler (series of fighter planes) were located here.Judging by the German-German flag hanging from the building, this map is set around the early years of world War II.Due to the important role of kassel, since February 1942, mainly the British bomber forces on the kassel sustained attack, and one of the largest and belong to October 22, 1943 big bombing in the night, 569 bomber in urban areas dropped about 1800 tons of bombs and Molotov cocktails, and formed a similar bomb burger “flame storm”.By the time the U.S. First Army captured Kassel in April 1945, the city had been all but flattened.Back to the map itself, “Kassel/Castle” is a 1100 x 1100m summer map, available only in standard mode.The map is symmetrical up and down along the center line, with medieval churches and belfries on the left and pools and fountains on the right.Residential buildings stand symmetrically on either side of the church and fountain.The central part of the map is relatively open, but is covered by irregular undulating terrain;The surrounding area is “surrounded” by a variety of buildings, which can block the view of the other eye vehicles while fireproofing.According to the difference of terrain and all kinds of vehicles of different operational characteristics, we can scatter map is roughly divided into five areas: area 1 (green area) : on the left side on the left part of the church, in the narrow region distribution of the vast amounts of bunkers, such as corner, sculpture, building walls, stairs, slope, etc., and nearly three war in the far distance distribution.This area is ideal for a muscular vehicle with good armor, and is good for both ranged support and melee combat, where it can find suitable cover to repel enemy attacks.Area 2 (red area) : the right side of the church is more flat and open than the left side. Only the symmetrical bell tower and the storeroom on the outside can be engaged. The density of the bunkers is significantly reduced, which is easy to be lit and attacked by opponents from other directions.While it’s easy to outflank heavy tanks in Area 1, there are both opportunities and risks, and it’s up to commanders to evaluate their opponent’s defense deployment.Area 3 (light yellow area) : The core area is a slightly “sunken” pool, the base of the surrounding observation deck and several fountains in the center of the pool.The surrounding higher terrain forms a circle around the pool of sloped area, ideal for vehicles with good depression Angle;And because of the lack of grass, it would be nice to have an iron head at the same time.In addition to the pool side of the gun, the “big four small” five fountains also provide adequate cover for the stuck point gun.Zone 4 (Orange-red zone) : Divided into 4 blocks, symmetrically distributed on both sides of the church and the pool, which can effectively inhibit the movement of opponents in Zone 2 and protect the safety of teammates fighting in Zone 1.At the same time can also prevent some “lone hero” direct tao home situation.Some of the less well concealed but reliably armored tanks can also take advantage of the building’s cover to provide fire support to their zone 3 teammates.Region 5 (blue-purple region) : the urban region distributed near the upper and lower edges, also divided into 4 regions;But because they are far from the battle zone, they are more like a last-ditch battle zone when the front line is breached.Of course, when the battle situation is not favorable, it can also quietly withdraw under the cover of buildings, concentrate superior forces elsewhere, hit the opponent by surprise, thus reversing the battlefield situation.Conclusion What do you think of the new “German taste” map?Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!