The national annual “Peace star” was officially released and 5 people from Shanxi public security were selected

2022-04-30 0 By

The “Peace Star” online selection has come to an end, and the list of 300 annual “Peace Star” has been officially announced.It is understood that the event was hosted by China changan, the central committee of the sword, since October 2020, the organization carried out of 10 monthly star of “peace” network promotion period, a total of 17 ping an of China construction coordination team member units and 32 provincial safety construction leading group office to participate in together, 70 million Internet users to vote.A total of 221 million votes were cast during the 10-day annual “Peace Star” online voting.Based on the results of online voting and expert evaluation, 300 of the 1,500 monthly “Peace Stars” were selected.Of Shanxi Province public security 5 were selected, the thing that they are jinzhong city public security bureau police brigade against electricity special fraud team, wang qiang, head of yuncheng ruicheng county public security bureau police brigade a squadron mid-team leader Ren Tao, longquan attractions-and of datong city public security bureau police station, Zhou Guangwu, head of Interpol brigade suburb of yangquan city public security bureau bureau battalion chief zhao jiang, jincheng municipal public security bureau patrol special police detachment eod hand Guo Baojun.It is worth mentioning that among the 300 people, about 90% of them are from the grassroots, which reflects the original intention of this event: to encourage the whole society to emerge more “ordinary heroes” who contribute to the construction of a peaceful China.They are the epitome of all the builders and guardians of a peaceful China. Some have risked their lives to withstand the baptism of fire and blood.Some were ordered to assemble and go to the front line of the epidemic.Some act bravely, and hold up the balance of morality with good deeds at critical moments;Some unknown, dedicated service to the people……We have entered a new era and embarked on a new journey. In a peaceful China where the rule of law shines brightly, peace and security for the country and the people is the most basic and simple wish of all people, which needs the joint protection of everyone. It is these little human acts of kindness that create beautiful waves, reflecting not only the light of humanity, but also the beauty of The Times.Who are they?Annual “Safe Star” is officially released!The shanxi evening news