This “little fire” is very Chinese

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There is no burning large torch, only with a “small fire” to warm the heart;There was no one in ancient costume, but the audience sighed, “Every minute is Chinese culture”;There is no neat, serious and tight visual arrangement, but there is a unique natural and unrestrained calm.The opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games has brought a meaningful visual feast to the world, making countless audiences sigh “This is Very Chinese!”The success of the opening ceremony of an Olympic Games lies not only in the gorgeous visual effects, but also in the embodiment and expression of “meaning”.As Zhang Yimou, the chief director of the Opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics, said, “This time, we will not show off our skills and muscles. We will not just look good, but think about what moves people the most and reflects the feelings of the Chinese people.This calm and calm tone of thought, first of all, comes from our full confidence in traditional aesthetics and Chinese culture.This international event fully demonstrates the simplicity of Chinese philosophy and wisdom and the way of leaving nothing for nothing.In the countdown to the opening ceremony, we see the twenty-four solar terms and poems reflected together, just in the beginning of spring this day and the Olympic Games meet;We saw the “Yellow River water from the sky” fantastic scene “reappeared”, after the frozen river, the five ring signs broke out of the ice;We also see the beautiful scenery of “Yanshan snow as big as a mat”, with a wisp of “small fire” passing the Olympic spirit of life and growth.There was no rush to prove itself with the external form of “amazing stone” and “magnificent”, no simple and direct way of stacking “Chinese elements”, nor deliberately cater to foreign cultural imagination of China, the whole opening ceremony almost every detail expressed a warm and inclusive Chinese romance.It invites people from all over the world to explore and understand the charm of Chinese culture in a subtle and engaging way.Behind the confidence of “It’s Very Chinese” is China’s strength and experience in participating constructively in international affairs.The “Easter egg” of the Olympic Cauldron has been hotly discussed by many viewers.This historic innovation of advocating low-carbon concept shows China’s unique thinking and sense of responsibility. It is also a time for us to actively participate in international affairs and contribute Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions.”China can now look the world in the eye.”There was a time when China, with a weak foundation for development, could only keep up with the pace and was unfamiliar with international rules. How can we talk about constructive participation?As China’s overall national strength has grown and its people’s living standards have improved, its development in many areas has changed from “following” to “leading”. China has accumulated experience and contributed to the global response to COVID-19 and the improvement of the global governance system, and its voice in the international arena has significantly increased.The unique appearance of the torch reflects the thinking and innovation of The Times from China.Of course, as the innovations of the Winter Olympics show, the process is sometimes not all smooth and smooth.”Are you sure?”Faced with the International Olympic Committee’s misgivings about the “micro fire” scheme, the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing committee patiently communicated the carbon-reduction ideas behind the idea.After deliberating, the IOC decided to back the Beijing Winter Games organisers’ approach, agreeing that “as long as there is a fire”.China looks at the world as it sees it and takes a constructive part in international affairs. China does not just “speak for itself”. Rather, on the basis of respecting traditions and rules, China will contribute its wisdom and strength to the world.In the opening ceremony, along with the Olympic torch rising, is composed of small snowflakes of the world together, small Chinese knot like a “wedge”, will connect the world.As “no two pieces of snow” in the world, each country’s culture, appearance, the traditional each are not identical, but “mutually together, mutually close each retreat” “sometimes-complex mix-and-match I in you” snow cheng jing, shows China heads up the firm and confident, is trying to build open and inclusive community of human destiny.Source: China Youth Daily client