Chengdu ten network red bakery, each store warm street

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Chengdu is in most people’s impression is quiet and beautiful place full of fireworks, the so-called “one side of the soil and water nourish one side of the people”, so the fireworks chengdu will be born a batch of treasure bakery, let’s explore.Grains n&#39: ① / Hibake· Guo Zhongyuan BAKERY ② / Guwu BAKERY ③ / BERGE BAKERY④ / Grains N '⑤ / A bakery ⑥ / A TOAST HOUSE ⑦ / It'S a bakery ⑧ / HARUYAMA bakery ⑨ / Avvoken&KissmilanThis is a local bakery in Chengdu, which was born in 2012 and has developed into a chain bakery model.Although it is a Japanese bakery, it has changed the warm and clean Japanese style. An elegant dry landscape serves as a welcoming landscape, setting off a quiet and restrained atmosphere, while the open Windows create a relaxed street image.Every time someone took a picture, “artificial snow” would fall outside the shop, as if you were in the streets of Kyoto.The overall decoration of black gold and the old wooden bread shelf do not seem to dominate at all, and the image of bread becomes intuitive and concrete.Recommended reasons: The designer added different decoration styles on the basis of bread. The restrained and silent space is contrasted with the softness and warmth of bread, and the warmth and beauty of food are magnified, as if the spiritual world has been sublimated.TOP products: pork XiaoDu shell, egg skin easily package, sauce, many thousand layer, chengdu tiger skin the most distinctive stores address: 1 hope ping street shops: ping street 02 valley flat at riverside road 30 enlightenment a bakery was opened in chengdu wind the bread winner of the open shop, cave mix Japanese wind, rare gray tone, a beat is the piece.There are many breads created by the owner, among which mo Mo mei Xiang is soft and moist inside, full of natural wheat fragrance in one bite. It is a perfect match for coffee!Recommended reasons: The bread foundation is solid, the boss will update a lot of their own research and development products, chengdu babies have a good meal.TOP products: Handmade lye bread, Guwu Baguette, Mo Mei xiang, Chengdu’s most distinctive branch address: Shuanglin Road Store:Few people in Yulin are unaware of BERGE BAKERY, which is number one on the BAKERY list and has bought darth Vader and King’s Cakes for over a dozen times.Is a little brother’s own bakery, the store is not big, but very clean and fresh, little brother’s voice is also very good to listen to, single treasure children quickly code live chong.Tips: The king cake needs to be ordered 2-3 days in advance. In addition to Darth Vader, the store also has white Warrior. If you like sweet mouth, you can try white Warrior.Add: Yulin Store: no. 10, Fangcao East Street, Yulin/Fangcao Street 04 Grains N 'Grains N ‘Beans, which comes in the afternoon on a tree-shaded path and past a cute pet store, is packed with crowds.Instead of large, transparent bread counters, the store is lined with small boxes, where the ingredients and attributes of each product are written on price cards and bread is packed in advance and neatly arranged.You can also sit on the second floor quietly with a cup of coffee, looking at the crowd downstairs and thinking about life.Recommended reasons: the store advocates health, production based on the taste of the food itself, European decoration style, beautiful atmosphere, is a good place to punch.TOP products: Cinnamon rolls, lye rolls, FIG baguettes, chengdu’s most distinctive branchThis is a bakery located in a corner of the first floor of Renhe New Town. It has both indoor and outdoor business. The outdoor business is mainly coffee and seating, and the indoor business is mainly bakery and product display.Packaged loaves were lined up neatly in the display case.The main store European and German bread, both new but not grandiose, warm and moist feeling, product quality and taste will be strictly controlled.Recommended reasons: the store is not big but very warm, the main European and German bread, the overall taste is light, the audience is wide, health can also eat bread.TOP products: French Melaleuca tart, Brio cinnamon pumpkin roll, Matcha butter soda water stick, ChengduB03206TOAST HOUSE on the bottom floor of renhe new town shopping center, no. 505 fucheng avenue west section, is a toast HOUSE owned by a young couple. It is said that they have traveled all over the country to learn how to make toast.The basic requirements of TOAST HOUSE are uniform color, attractive appearance, soft touch, healthy low fat and soft elastic teeth.The boss two people from the water content to the proportion of butter sugar powder to fermentation temperature, time and humidity have their own set of processes, never ambiguous half a minute, if just in Chengdu and like toast, really must not miss.Recommended reasons: the use of Imported Japanese flour, combined with the dough temperature and humidity fully knead and make their own set of toast bread, good news for toast lovers.TOP products: Pumpkin toast, cinnamon toast, soft cheese toast, Chengdu currently 1 store Address: High-tech Zone Store: No. 102, 1st Floor, Mofang Shopping Center, Jiaozi Avenue, High-tech Zone 07It'Hidden in the west door of the house, it is easy to come in and see the piles of pastries. The ingredients of each bread, the ingredients used and even the place of origin of the ingredients are clearly marked.The bread in the shop is baked that day now, go to the door can smell the malt aroma that blow on the face and come, there is no very “force case” in the shop to decorate, from the shop name to decorate bread, with “simple” “pure” 2 words can sum up completely.Why you should eat it: You can clearly see the ingredients in each piece of bread, so it’s safe to eat.TOP products: Mount Fuji, lye bread, peanut sauce, ChengduHARUYAMA BAKERY is a new BAKERY brand of Prism Company, adhering to the business philosophy of restoring the essence of life, the store is divided into Japanese, European and French three, in line with the brand concept of “Chunshan bread, integrity and nature”, selected high-quality ingredients from all over the world, into the local diet needs,Let the spring mountain bread, an imported product, glow with Oriental vitality.Out of the design style, full of beautiful things to buy area, clean and complete production room, making Chunshan soon in the west of the city “small reputation”.Recommend reason: a horizontal window full of green meaning bread aroma from the shop “send” into the nose stomach of passers-by, shop is full of beautiful things in eyes do not tread on thunder bread, carbon mercury people can not be missed.TOP products: Sesame potato salted egg yolk European bun, sea salt roll, ChengduThis bakery is a thoughtful bakery. With the remarkable improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people begin to pay attention to health and figure. Longma bakery is specially designed for health or fitness people to create “light calorie pure handmade without addition” bread.Longma adopts the ordering mode of “online reservation” and makes products by hand according to customers’ needs every day, from ingredients, fermentation, kneading to forming in the oven slowly in one go, and then vacuum binding, so that customers can enjoy the fresh taste.Why you should check it out: Instead of cream and sugar, brown rice, red velvet, purple potato and mashed potato are available by appointment. The ingredients are fresh and healthy.TOP products: Pumpkin golden sand Cheese, whole wheat purple rice beef bun, Matcha Daifu, Chengdu10Avvoken&Kissmilan Waxing Baking Waxing Baking was renamed from Waxing Living Laboratory. After bringing together the baking cultures of Europe, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, it finally took root in Chengdu, the land of Abundance, with its master.It is devoted to conveying the importance of healthy eating and life, encouraging the public to develop a healthy life in body and mind, and arousing baking. It is more like stating that we are busy and busy in life, but occasionally we need to be awakened by our love to realize the real value of life.The meaning of baking is to awaken love with love. May it not be hard work that awakens you every day, but the delicious bread.TOP products: salted egg yolk flow heart kosong, red bean cream bag, matcha ma potato floss, Chengdu’s most distinctive 1 store address: Shuangnan store: Shuangnan Shunhe Street 1 attached to 5