Lantern Festival, tangyuan ushered in the “highlight” moment!Consumers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai prefer salty tangyuan

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Lantern Festival, a bowl of rice balls rui Qi surplus.As the Lantern Festival arrives on the 15th day of the first lunar month, tangyuan also receives its annual “highlight” moment.Today, the reporter learned from a number of fresh e-commerce and new retail platforms, this year’s Lantern Festival, black sesame and other traditional old taste is still the main consumer, the national tang Yuan taste as a whole still maintains the “south salty and north sweet” difference, but the trend of integration is obvious.In the meantime, many businessmen roll out taste and appearance novel category, become consumption new choice.According to ding Dong Mai CAI data, since February 10, the purchase volume of all kinds of dumplings has been rising day by day, with a month-on-month growth of more than 15%.In terms of the choice of tangyuan flavor, black sesame tangyuan firmly occupies the first position in the tangyuan field with the highest sales volume, but the distribution of taste preference of “salty in the south and sweet in the north” is still obvious.Statistics show that more than 90 percent of xiankou tangyuan buyers are in the south, with Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou as the main consumers.Although consumers in the north only love sweet tastes, they like to try niche tastes, such as tangyuan filled with chocolate, durian and five kernel, which sell well in the north.The renovation of various traditional delicacies has gradually affected the tangyuan circle.This year, in addition to the chocolate paste, fresh taste, ding-dong buy food prepared food brand ace food also launched a special hoisted persimmon persimmon persimmon “ruyi” fuping big tangyuan, use selected fuping condole persimmon with high quality New Zealand powder filling, retained the quicksand of classic taste, and incorporates the sweet persimmon, than traditional tangyuan is more fresh and not greasy.In fact, innovation has become a new point of strength for businesses.The renovation of various traditional delicacies has gradually affected the tangyuan circle.At the same time, the trend of healthy diet has also blown to the traditional food such as tangyuan, “0 sugar tangyuan” and “low-fat tangyuan” become the key words of consumption.Mailyyouxian launched a “Missing sugar-free black Sesame dumplings” during this year’s Spring Festival, and sales increased about fivefold.Sales of dumplings filled with durian, strawberry hazelnut and ovaltine are expected to increase eightfold during the holiday season.Every Lantern Festival, the old lantern shop will always line up a long queue.Century-old brands often carry the culture and history of a region, as well as the authentic taste of home in local people’s memory.Take ningbo tangyuan brand “cylinder duck dog” for example, it inherits ningbo tangyuan history of more than 700 years, the signature goods lard sesame dumplings, above heilongjiang glutinous rice, local pig suet, fresh black sesame as the main raw materials, round and full, filling mellow, east China people from snack to big delicious.Meituan shopping has also opened up a new path for laozihao to reach the whole country.This year, the Lantern Festival, guangzhou Restaurant, cylinder Duck dog and other time-honored Chinese brands tang Yuan online meituan to buy vegetables, consumers can enjoy the convenience of 30 minutes after ordering home delivery service.In addition to cooperating with time-honored Brands in China, Meituan Mai Mai has also launched different flavors of tangyuan in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Wuhan to meet the dietary habits of consumers in different regions.”The north eats yuanxiao, the south eats tangyuan.” In Beijing, Meituan sells refrigerated yuanxiao;In Shanghai and Wuhan, fresh meat dumplings;In Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Beauty online quicksand dumplings…There are 30 to 35 kinds of dumplings available in each region, and consumers can choose different flavors of dumplings according to their preferences to celebrate the Lantern Festival.(Source: