Shock!!!Alumni Association of China double First-class University list!Huake industry reputation is high, sprint seventh position

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Since the establishment of 140 second-class universities, we can see the double first-class universities in many places, so speaking of the double first-class universities, many people are more and more familiar with and recognized.In some places, for example, the selection of the exam, one of the hard conditions need 211 so on colleges and universities, now more and more replaced by double first-class university qualifications, qualifications of double first-class also appeared in some enterprise recruitment conditions, however, we have been know the strength of different universities in our country has been at the unequal status, the structure also continues,To say on the value of double top formula has not actually make qualitative standard, although not to a ranking of 140 universities but in anecdotal, about double top ranking is not rare, for example, recently we have seen institutions at home and abroad to the university rankings, have appeared in the double top the shadow of the interim report.From the latest XueYouHui before China double top university rankings, we once again to realize double strength contrast, first-class university but a this list will cause a lot of debate, many people think that the cause of the alumni association is the evaluation standard and system I think in this list there are a few university ranking worth discussing,There are all kinds of jokes every time a new university is ranked, but we can still understand the strength dynamics of Chinese universities through different rankings.In addition to Peking University, the top 10 Chinese universities in the 140-plus list released by the alumni association include Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University, with Wuhan University and Tiantian University both ranked 10th.From the breakdown of the ranking, China’s double first-class universities are divided into 5-star universities from 3-star to 8-star, with different universities labeled as world-class or high-level universities.For example, the ranking of Huaske ranked among the top 7 in China for the first time in the alumni association in the past 10 years. Huaske enjoys a high reputation in the industry. With many circles, huaske is very strong in science and engineering.The school is one of the 985 most popular schools among Huawei schools every year, and has cultivated many celebrities and curries in well-known fields for China.However, from the perspective of a new society published two first-class university rankings, the top 10 in the university, in addition to exist such as the people’s congress, the tianjin university university of surprising and controversial university, other list, and huazhong agricultural university, south agriculture, hohai university 211 university ranking than in the sea, such as the northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology is very high,However, these universities are not first-class universities. They are only AB universities with first-class disciplines.In addition, the double the university also appeared accident, for example, the double top rankings in henan university students is the national 71, ningbo university is 76, 211, although many subordinates than the overall rankings in the China university of mining, for example, but as we know, like mine 211 key university, although is limited in a big environment,But many majors are not as popular as they used to be.However, in the last discipline evaluation, mining university still maintain two dominant disciplines, obtain A+ the highest grade, and Henan University and other non-211 disciplines even B disciplines are few alumni association ranking, in some review and evaluation system, because of the use of different benchmarks caused A great debate.