Sinovac pharmaceutical set up a holding subsidiary focused on animal vaccine research and development

2022-05-01 0 By

March 14 evening announcement, Kexing Pharmaceutical, Fu Jun, Ma Jingyun jointly funded the establishment of Shenzhen Kexing Animal protection Biotechnology Co., LTD., registered capital of 10,909,000 yuan.Sinovar pharmaceutical co., Ltd. subscribed the registered capital of the joint venture company with 6 million yuan in cash, holding 55,0005%;Sinovac will increase capital to the joint venture company according to the progress of the cooperation project in the future.The purpose of this foreign investment is to carry out research and development activities related to animal vaccines, make full use of the company’s rich experience and advantageous position in the biomedical field, seize the opportunity of biotechnology development, and promote the overall development strategy of the company.