Three ancient Chinese novels were strongly recommended: “The Empress of Poison” remained at the top of ancient Chinese novels, gaining popularity quickly with 9.5 points

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Hello, everyone, it’s time to meet again. Today, Orange will continue to recommend beautiful novels to you. Let’s immerse ourselves in the haiyang of novels and find more interesting things to make our life better.Three ancient Chinese novels were strongly recommended: “The Empress of General Poison” remained at the top of the ancient Chinese novel list, with a score of 9.5 and quickly gained many fans.Preexistence, mo yu is framed by sister, the night that is in oneself husband big marriage, be killed by small three cruel, reborn person, her hand tears the man that cheats with female affection, fight down small three, with oneself wisdom, help oneself beloved man ascends throne, son she, finally ascends empress’s throne.Wonderful content: In the end what the dean said, Mo Yumo could not listen to it at all. It took her a lot of effort to ease the different emotions in her heart, and she was able to raise her head and look at the people on the stage as if nothing happened.From her point of view she could just see the piteous look.Right now the mo pity is quietly staring at the stage of Li Xiaoqian, so she has been loving Li Xiaoqian ah?So obvious thing, also with respect to her oneself still see not clear all the time, do not want to make a fool of oneself, how also do not want to connect the flow of pity and Li Xiaoqian together, until later Li Xiaoqian says he is drunk disorderly sex.She loves dearly at that time of the road pity, advocate will road pity into the palace did side concubine.Now want to think, afraid is not disorderly sex at all, but two people have been secretly in the dark song money?The thing that can’t see clearly in previous life, now suddenly suddenly, mo Yu mo’s eyes flash cold light, Zhou Zheng is sitting in the body after the table, the vision stays on mo Yan’s face, occasionally flies to Li Xiaoqian’s body, the expression on the face is extremely unnatural.”Qian er,” said Concubine Ye with a happy smile on her fair face, “we have made a good arrangement today. I think we have worked hard for it.”Her voice was like that of a young girl in her 20s, but with a solemn taste that gladdened her heart.Li Xiao sneaking into the head, for the glory of his mother princess, very joy, modesty tunnel: “I just do according to ZuXun, does not add any processes, but is commanded, let the woman learn of the students, talent show, show the new students, students can recognize the female or learn of good, can more effort.”(click below free reading) the second: “palm home small peasant female” author: Mo Light sorrow introduction: wake up, Shen Anan became a peasant girl.To support her family, she decided to go into business, starting with a paintbrush.Sell medicinal materials, business, open beauty salon, Shen Anan’s desire to become the richest man in taoyuan, and then turn a xianggong good farming.Then things change, and one day, because of an accident, everything changes.Shen Anan sighed and said, I really just want to farm ah.After a while, oxcart took Shen Anan and Wang Song, passing by from the entrance of taoyuan village.At this time, it was close to noon, and many people who worked in the fields also went home for dinner.And country people like to go from house to house with a bowl in their hand at dinner.Some people even carry rice bowl, the bowl with two pickles, squatting on the roadside to eat.Wang Song drove an ox cart, with Shen Anan, two people sitting in the car, talking and laughing along the way, was immediately seen by many villagers.Those people see Shen An unexpectedly so arrogant, this bright day dare and Wang Song sit together, this is like that kind of words.Some people put down their work and walked towards the cart.Some people in order to join in the fun, even the rice bowl are carried over.Everyone seems to have said good general, very tacit understanding toward the cart walked past, formed a small encircle.This ox cart, do not say to go, is slowly moving forward cloth is unable to move.Shen Anan saw, gas fist tightly held up.Originally the good mood along the way, was immediately destroyed by the scene in front of her, her calm little face sat motionless.Wang Song stopped the cart, obviously trying not to get angry or angry, but judging from the intensity of his chest heaving, he was also very angry.Shen Anan and Wang Song sat on the cart, and before they opened their mouths, they heard the people around them, shining words that poked people’s hearts, and one sentence after another came out of their mouths.”Is really corrupt, this Shen home of the niner, how so shameless, in broad daylight and men hook up.””Yeah, sitting together?I don’t know what I’ve done.”(Click below to read for free) The third book: “The Peasant Concubine of Rebirth” author: Flowing Water introduction: recall this short life, she lived comfortably only at home and his side, and because of her pampered, she did not treat relatives and lovers well, because of credulity others, her family ruined.Her life turned grey from heaven to hell.Great thing: “White Plain Year!I don’t want to hear that again!Brother is useless, if brother can protect you, you would not be bullied like this!”Plain text red eyes will be behind the door of the board and painting paper are put on the plain year’s bed, finish the head will not leave.His health is not good, tomorrow to the town to help his sister to sell embroidery, he had to rest early, keep good spirit, not at the critical moment to add fuel to the fire at home.Plain year looking at elder brother guilty remorse of leave, the water light in the eyes emerge, bite the lower lip tightly, after a long time, just began to draw patterns.According to the memory of previous life in hou Mansion, the flower pattern of element year this time is delicate and matchless, it is the pattern that real noble family just uses, on this remote town of iron hill, such pattern is absolutely amazing make.Su Nian was not well enough to draw slowly, but the quality of the patterns was not good. The night passed and Su nian’s face was pale and his hands trembled.Su Wen, who had come to deliver breakfast, put down the porridge and grabbed Su Nian’s painting brush. Looking at su Nian with haggard face, she said, “That’s enough!””Elder brother!If only there were a few last strokes on this one!”Plain pale smile is very painful pity, plain text heart sour, will be handed back the meticulous painting.”After painting, eat something to rest well again, I have already said with next door wang aunt, today she come to take care of you.””Said Mr. Suu Kyi.”Well.B: I see.Elder brother!There are altogether five designs, twenty-one.”The last few years after the pen, carefully pack up the large complex delicate and colorful pattern, if it is not now lack of money, if it is not the need for tong shopkeeper’s assistance, such a pattern, how can not be worth twenty-two!”Good!”Vegetable text took the pattern, the eyes are full of amazing, in his eyes the sister of these patterns is a hundred and two is also worth it!(Click below to read for free) That’s the end of today’s recommendation. Are you still satisfied?Looking forward to your message