South Korea’s JENNIE Ant waist has been trending, with fans saying they don’t want to be trending during the Winter Olympics

2022-05-03 0 By

BLACKPINK member JENNIE updates this slim ant waist to be a charm!!Bernie is still beautiful today.The above content on the hot search some people said that such waist Chinese artists almost a hand can be can, on a few marketing number hair even a real-time square are not hot search will not be embarrassed?And such figure day female star basic hand waist?Don’t buy hot search if you want to make money.Instead of buying Chinese hot search, what about gold medalist Gu Ailing’s ant waist?I think there are too many girls in China who are in better shape than her. There’s no need.It’s amazing that some netizens hate Lisa because of this hot search.Some people said that the recent Winter Olympic Games in South Korea under the black hand incident, recently do not let me see the hot search of South Korean stars, but she is love beans can not be a star.Some said she was a bad actor, not worth out she is the queen of love, she is free contact panda infectious bacteria janet Kim, she is also say “princess of changbai mountain is South Korea’s” green tea YG humiliating to China company make love kiss my daughter janet Kim fault JennieJennie is that participate in promotional humiliating to China, don’t wear a face mask powder,Paint nail polish to touch the national treasure of the edge ball, no limits a few years of debut love n times a lifetime all stage in the water, sick fracture fever 60 degrees of no bottom line, no moral disqualification artist?Some people say, Jennie, don’t do Pilates. Do you look good in your fifties?Jennie, she can’t stand it when you’re doing 38, and she can’t stand it when you’re doing 38. Why are you trying to make a fool of yourself by showing off your 50/50 body?As far as I know, Jennie’s fans are very proud of the fact that she’s a doctor wuhan, and Jennie’s endorsement of degrading Chinese products.Jennie has been doing a lot of shopping and marketing in China, with millions of fans raising money for her every year.Jenny Kim says no one likes her in China!Jennie Jin, who is the ambassador of emulsified anti-China products, said that Changbai Mountain was stolen from China. After the Xinjiang incident, she publicly publicized on Instagram about Adidas, campus bullying, illegal contact with pandas, and dog abuse.Every year on Jennie’s birthday, TC fans give her a lot of expensive luxury gifts.If the above content is true, it is really not worthy of this position, not worthy of so many people’s preferences these days are promoting to Gu Ailing as an example of female athletes to convey the girl to be healthy, confident, generous, hard work, here hot search to an ant waist good?Koreans bought them.There are fans here to wash the ground to wash the entry, if Chinese artists in Korea to buy a trend what is wonderful, South Korea’s official media may be the next stage of the barb Bara.Oh, I hope Korean artists and companies won’t be able to hop around in China during this period!