The 2022 Lantern Festival Gala highlights the strong Chinese style

2022-05-03 0 By

Report from the China Media Group “2022 Lantern Festival Gala” on February 15 yen snack in CCTV comprehensive channel, variety channel, Chinese international channel, CCTV video, CCTV news, CCTV network and radio and other platforms grand launch.The party focused on hot topics such as Beijing Winter Olympics, China aerospace, Chinese women’s football and so on. Through innovative presentation of the integration of science and technology and art, tradition and modernity, it presented a cultural feast full of sense of times, culture and science and technology for the vast audience.The whole party with the theme of “happy yuanxiao, thick Chinese wind”, in the song, dance, crosstalk, opera, martial arts, magic and other wonderful performances, vividly show the earth happy yuanxiao joy atmosphere.The creative program “Qi Tian Le” skillfully combined the blessing of space music from the Chinese space station with the passionate folk music performance at the party, creating a magical encounter between the universe and the universe, and interpreting the meaningful charm of the fine traditional Chinese culture with new technology.The original song “Tiger Step Dance” combines traditional lion dance with mechanical tiger, VR painting and other technological elements to create a festive color for the Lantern Festival.The mascots of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong, also came to the festival.Gu Ailing, Wu Dajing, Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei and other winter Olympic champions sent their best wishes for the Lantern Festival to the national audience.The dove children’s performance group, which impressed audiences around the world at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, once again struck an emotional chord with its performance of the Same Song.The Chinese women’s football team, the champion of the 2022 Asian Women’s Football Cup, sang the song “Sonorous Roses of Wind and rain, Rainbow” with the live actors through cloud link. The spirit of never giving up on the football field pushed the warm atmosphere of the whole party to a climax.This year’s Lantern Festival gala makes full use of a variety of artistic expressions, and high-tech integration, to bring the audience a new audio-visual experience.The creative program Selling Tangyuan vividly interprets the classic melodies by combining symphonies and crosstalk.”The world is beautiful and you are linked” “with happiness to see you” and other songs, conveying the warmth of the Lantern Festival party.(Cow dream Flute)