When things get agitated, out of control, always unhappy, not lack of wisdom, but the pattern is too small

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To achieve great things, there is a pattern.A long time ago, a king had a problem: a thin line was drawn on the wall, and he asked how to make the line thinner without touching it.The king was puzzled, but under the heavy reward, but the days passed, although passers-by come and go, but they finally shook their heads to give up.Until one day, an eminent monk came along, delicately drew a thick line next to the thin line, and left, leaving a crowd of startled and enlightened onlookers.It turns out that in the light of the “thick line”, the “thin line” will appear even thinner.Isn’t that the same in life? The thick line represents your pattern, and the thin line represents the many things that happen to you.When you’re big, you’re tolerant, you’re at peace, you’re able to take the long view and not get caught up in the present moment.In this world, the happiest does not belong to the rich, nor does it belong to the powerful, but the pattern of the big, your pattern determines your happiness.What determines a person’s pattern is the length of his vision, the width of his mind, and the depth of his thoughts.The length of his vision determines whether his vision is forward-looking and whether he can see beyond the present obstacles into the future.The width of his mind determines whether he can tolerate the ups and downs, gains and losses in life, face them calmly and move forward calmly.The depth of his thoughts determines whether he can abandon the outside world’s eyes and secular temptations and stick to being himself.So, in life, you always get upset, lose control of your emotions, do not feel happy, it is not your lack of wisdom, but you are not big enough.01 length – vision to long-term pattern, is able to see far, not trapped by the present.Hugo said, life is to face the reality and smile, is to look over obstacles to the future.A man with a plan, such as in chess, looks far away.Think beyond the present, with vision and courage, able to endure the trials of the present, endure the trials of the low, and remain optimistic and see the possibilities of the future.Guo Jia, a strategist at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, only lived 38 years, but he left a strong mark in history, which all benefited from his long-term vision.In the third year of jian ‘an, Yuan Shao occupied the four states of Ji, Qing, You and And had seven hundred thousand soldiers.Yuan Shao’s advisors also made the dream of being the founder of the country after the emperor.However, Guo Jia saw that Yuan Shao was much and few, difficult to become a major event.He turned to Join Cao Cao, who had only a few hundred thousand soldiers and horses and was in poor conditions.Later, on the eve of the Battle of Guandu, facing the pressure from Yuan Shao’s 700,000-strong army, many of Cao Cao’s advisors and generals wanted to surrender. Only Guo Jia saw The weakness of Yuan Shao and proposed the famous theory of ten victories and ten defeats to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Cao Yuan and boost the morale.In the end, as Guo jia said, Yuan Shao was too resourceful to be decisive, and missed the fighter planes many times, leading to guandu’s defeat.For example, the ancient Mencius mother moved three times, in order to have a good growth environment for children, can be moved three times.This is very few people can do, after all, the investment cost of three times of relocation is huge, most people will think it is not worth it, cost money and time.Meng’s mother, however, took the long view and realised that the cost of moving was insignificant in relation to the huge future output her child might gain.Therefore, it is because of the grand pattern of her, there was a famous scholar Mencius.As the saying goes, put a long line to catch a big fish, only not limited to the current small profits, to harvest the future.Only by believing that every fall and every suffering in the present is the accumulation of strength for the future leap, can we reach the future leap into the sky.This is also what Zeng Guofan said, those who plan big events, the first heavy pattern.02 Width – The mind should be broad pattern, is able to see the open, not to be troubled by the present.Read this sentence: to a broad-minded person, his heart is like a big lake, you throw into a torch, it will soon go out;If you throw in a packet of salt, it will be diluted quickly. Conversely, if you pour a packet of salt into a glass of water, will the glass of water be edible?This is why some people are in a rut and can’t get out of trouble. The pattern is too small.As magnanimity increases, complaints decrease;The heart becomes wider, things become smaller;The bigger the pattern, the smaller the problem.As a great scholar Wang Yangming said, this heart is bright, but also what words.Wang Yangming’s life is rough, by suspicion, by the scepter, was relegated, chased……Suffered the torture of fate, according to ordinary people, already can not stand down.However, he, even if the dragon field of malasma banishment everywhere, still broad-minded, keep optimistic mood, and in this most difficult time, the creation of the heart, which is the famous “Dragon City Wu Dao”.Later he said: come to the dragon field two years, encounter miasma poison, attendants are poisoned, but I was safe and sound, just because of my open-minded reason.Just like the poem he wrote: Hungry to eat, tired to sleep, only this practice is more mysterious.Said and the world hun do not believe, but from outside the gods.Be open-minded. Life is so beautiful that it’s not worth wasting your feelings and feelings on the wrong people and things in the past.”There is no absolute misfortune in the world. It depends on how you look at it.03 depth – thought to have depth pattern, is able to see deep.Ma Xiaochun, a go master, once said, “An ordinary go player can see only a few moves, while an expert should see more than 20 moves.”Cao Cao occupied Yanzhou, cut a figure, in all directions is the enemy.Huainan yuan Shu, north xuzhou Tao Qian, Yi Zhou Han Fu, as well as the city of Wan Zhang Xiu.He wanted to expand his power, but he was afraid that if he attacked one of them, the rest would attack his stronghold.At that time, many counsellors recommended Cao Cao to attack Zhang Xiu first. After all, Zhang Xiu had the weakest forces. By eating the smaller ones first, he would become stronger.Cao Cao decided to attack Yuan Shu first.Because Tao Qian was old and did not have the heart to fight for the male, Han Fu was indecisive and dared not attack Cao Cao.The result is also as Cao Cao thought, Cao Cao in Kuangting 600 miles of big pursuit defeated Yuan Shu, Black Mountain army, slowly encroaching Yuan Shu’s territory.And Tao Qian, Han Fu and others dare not take advantage of the situation.Thus it can be seen that war, on the surface, is only a competition on the level of information and knowledge;In fact, it is the competition on the internal pattern such as personality and individuality.People with deep thoughts can always see the situation and human nature.Not because of the present trivial troubles, not because of the interests of the present and lost.They can see far in life;In the state of mind, can see wide;In life, can see light.To be a person with pattern, not confined to the present, under the cover of complicated and complicated appearances, dig out the essence of things and the core elements that determine success or failure.In this way, life will be able to avoid many pits, indomitability.Life is nothing but practice.Some people live more and more narrow, some people live more and more broad.The difference lies in the pattern.A person’s pattern, often determines the life.When you take the long view, you win the future.When your mind is wide enough, you reap happiness.When you think deep enough, you become who you are.Do these three points well, in order to build a big pattern, harvest a successful life.