Baixiang Hotel Group presents 500 drones to light up the night sky

2022-05-05 0 By

Xiamen, Feb. 11, 2022 / PRNEWswire / — A fleet of 500 unmanned aerial vehicles lit up the night sky in Xiamen on Feb. 8 to celebrate the arrival of the Year of Yin and Tiger in the sky at The Baixiang Wutong Hotel and Baixiang Convention and Exhibition Center.This event is sponsored by the mean of xiang hotel group new hesui brand, location in hk xiang hotel group located in xiamen island east corner five yuan bay area – xiamen bayi xiang xiang brand flagship store five-way and hk xiang hotel group, exhibition project, xiamen xiang convention and exhibition center, two buildings by air nest each other, complement each other,Jointly build Xiamen Baixiang exhibition ecosystem.Hk xiang hotel group, the New Year gift – air light pictures show the scene 1 hk xiang hotel group New Year gift – air light show the scene photos 2 colorful uav formation sequence, open “dancing” model, in 15 minutes show one after another New Year’s greeting, the games theme, the year of the tiger hesui topics such as images and hk xiang hotel group “urban oasis,After the performance, the drone landed slowly, like a bright meteor shower across the night sky, creating a “romantic” starry sky for the citizens of Xiamen. Under the combination of science and technology and art, it presented a perfect visual feast.Baixiang Hotel Group’s New Year’s Presentation-live photo of light show in the air