Chang ‘an Automobile Lantern Festival and 2nd generation 75PLUS tasting event

2022-05-05 0 By

Open in polite Welcomed blessing kaifeng Po the Lantern Festival lantern making games and changan ii 75 plus tasting invite you sign up for this day, as long as you are changan changan car owner or you have buy plan of potential owners, all can sign up for the Lantern Festival lantern making competition activities time: day at 13:30 on February 13 points can enjoy multiple courtesy sign in:If invited to the store, you can receive a sign-in gift;Lantern Riddle gift: if you guess the riddles at the store, you will get a gift for guessing the riddles.Tasting gift: Tasting 75PLUS ii, participate in interactive question and answer session, win tasting gift;Car delivery: customers who successfully book cars on that day can draw red envelopes as gifts.Lantern making competition: participate in lantern making competition on the day of the activity, set the first, second and third prizes and participate in the prizes