Emotional abandonment can signal the demise of a relationship

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My last long-term relationship ended long before we left.There were several things that caused our relationship to go down.We stopped talking about everything and talked about what was important.And because there is no room for vulnerability, intimacy becomes impossible.We both know the relationship doesn’t work anymore, but like Gladys Knight’s song, neither of us wants to be the first to say goodbye.So we stayed together longer than we should have, and we gave up for another year before we called it quits.It can be challenging to determine if your partner has abandoned you when they are not.They might even look like they’re trying to stay and work things out.In relationships, however, people abandon each other in many subtle ways.Here are four subtle signs that your partner may be abandoning you.If you’re unsure about your relationship, be sure to look out for these signs.They stop saying, “I love you.”When people distance themselves from each other, they often stop using loving words, especially “I love you.”If this behavior change has occurred recently, it could be a sign of abandonment.You should also be careful not to use the word love only when the other person is trying to get what they want.As far as I’m concerned, we keep saying “I love you,” but those words don’t mean anything anymore.”I love you” is relegated to what we say at the end of the conversation.It’s kind of like when people say, “How are you?Most people don’t really want to know as part of a greeting;That’s just what they say.He stops making plans with you.When my partner talks about future plans, I get a sinking feeling in my stomach.He dreamed of moving to another country and setting up a farm, and though he hated to admit it, he never thought of me with him.It was as if my body realized I wasn’t part of these plans before my mind was ready to accept it.When someone avoids making plans, cancels at the last minute or asks you to stand up, it’s usually a sign that they’re checking out.He doesn’t talk to you anymore.Does your partner often seem distracted when you talk to them?Does he stare at their phones or take his eyes off you?Is he bored or uninterested in what you have to say?These are potential red flags that the person is moving away from your relationship.”When we feel neglected, or our partner doesn’t understand or care about what we’re communicating, we may eventually stop talking to him or her.The walls start to rise and we can start to live apart emotionally.”My partner and I continued talking, even to the end.But as I mentioned before, we don’t talk about the important things anymore.We’ve talked about politics and what’s going on in our lives, but when it comes to us, our lips are sealed.Whenever I try to clarify disagreements or the health of our relationship, he always says, “We’re always talking about the same thing.”He was right.We’re always talking about the same thing, we’re always talking about not talking.He is no longer close to you.Intimacy is an important part of any relationship.This is often one of the first signs that a relationship is in trouble.If your partner no longer wants to be close to you physically or emotionally, it could mean they are drifting apart.The decline in physical and emotional intimacy in my relationship is one of the most prominent symptoms.We’ve been through these bills, but our hearts are no longer in it.We still hugged each other when we arrived and left, but our hearts were not in it.The relationship is no longer a safe space for complicated emotions and happiness.The longer this goes on, the harder it gets to be together.Don’t assume that everything is fine just because your partner hasn’t left yet.If you notice that your partner often avoids eye contact and physical contact, take note.If these changes have been happening for a while, it’s important to talk about them.If the behavior persists despite both parties’ efforts to resolve the problem, then giving up may occur at some point.But it’s important not to jump to conclusions.Open communication with each other will help resolve any problems between two people before they become too big a problem in the future, even if it means moving on.Author: Xiao Le