The city’s principal and teacher representative symposium was held to make education become a thick and heavy color in writing a new chapter

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On the afternoon of January 25, our city held a symposium for principals and teachers.Municipal Party secretary Zhu Lifan stressed that it takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred years to cultivate people.The whole city must always adhere to the high holding education not shake, do not relax, strengthen the “education is to catch people’s livelihood and education is to grasp the development” concept, the education on a more prominent position, maintain strategic concentration, for a long time for work, real one step a footprint to advance the education priority development, efforts to do a good job in the people’s satisfactory education,Let education become a new chapter in writing a new chapter of socialist modernization.Municipal standing committee, propaganda minister, vice mayor Liu Xia chaired the symposium.Municipal Standing Committee, secretary General Xu Kejian attended the symposium.Symposium, taizhou school party secretary Zhao Maocheng, taizhou vocational and technical college Chen Shihong, party secretary of provincial party secretary of taizhou middle school, the principal seal retention, provincial party secretary of jingjiang middle school, the headmaster zhang zhijian, vice secretary of party committee, province jiangyan middle school principals Sun Youxin, provincial secondary specialized school vice principal Xu Gang jing, xinghua feng junior middle school party branch secretary and the principal, jinxinJiangyan district west experimental school party secretary and the principal XiaoWeiSong, taixing city jin Jiang Xiaoxue party branch secretary and the principal Huang Jingtong education group, taizhou special education school party branch secretary and the principal Wu Qiaohua, province Zhang Hongya XingHua middle school teachers, taizhou danger Sue, the second middle school affiliated middle school teachers’ teacher BianCaiYun area sea ray center primary school education group,Zhang Hongmei, the teacher of Sixiang Kindergarten in Taizhou city, gave a speech successively, and put forward suggestions on building a comprehensive high-level university, strengthening the construction of teachers, improving the connotation of education, promoting the integration of industry and education, and accurately implementing the requirements of “double reduction”.Zhu Lifan listened to everyone carefully, from time to time on some specific issues with you to discuss.After listening to everyone’s speech, Zhu Lifan first to present all the principals, teachers expressed thanks, and through them to the city’s vast educational workers to extend cordial sympathy and New Year’s blessing.He pointed out that education is of great importance to both the country and the Party, and we should unswervingly give priority to the development of education and always give priority to the development of education.The sixth party Congress of the city put forward “committed to people’s livelihood, gather strength transformation” two major themes, are closely related to education.From the perspective of people’s livelihood, there has never been a greater concern for equity in education and a stronger desire for quality education. Education is the key to both promoting common prosperity and providing high-quality services for people’s wellbeing.Turn from the perspective of the transition (04) (after 01) on transformation and upgrading of industrial and urban transformation promotions is inseparable from a large number of high-quality talent and the laborer of having both ability and political integrity, must stand in the height of the city’s comprehensive competitiveness, by the high quality education to further optimize the business environment, make youth friendly city, make education a powerful magnetic field gathering population, industry and resources.Zhu lifan stressed that in the context of the “double reduction”, we should unswervingly improve the quality of education, and realize the reduction of quantity without reducing quality and responsibility, so that parents will not be anxious, children will be confident, and teachers will be respected.Aiming at quality and efficiency, we should further deepen education and teaching reform, strengthen top-level design, optimize resource integration, deepen teaching research, vigorously promote education and teaching quality to a new level, continuously improve students’ comprehensive quality, accelerate the construction of new advantages of Taizhou education, so that parents and children can get more benefits.”Education is more about students than teachers.”Zhu lifan pointed out that teachers are the key to ensuring education that the people are satisfied with. We must unswervingly strengthen the ranks of teachers and speed up efforts to build a contingent of educational talents with noble ethics, excellent professional skills, courage to innovate and full of vitality.We should continue to think in a systematic way, boldly and innovatively explore new mechanisms for training and introducing talents in education, further expand channels for teachers to advance, break the restrictions set by the evaluation of professional titles, deepen the reform of the principal rank system and the project to train famous teachers, and enable more outstanding principals and teachers to stand out.It is hoped that the principals will focus on strengthening management, teaching reform and professional research, becoming masters and leading more teachers to become talents.Teachers adhere to the “learning gao as a teacher, the body is the fan”, constantly study hard, continue to cultivate teachers’ ethics, really become a good guide for the growth of students.Reporter Pan Rongjin Wang Xiaofei trainee reporter Zhao Hui statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)