Why do more people own cats than dogs nowadays?Internet users have given the answer

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Nowadays, people like to keep a pet for company. It seems that there are more people who keep cats than dogs. So why this trend?Netizens give the answer, take a look!Related regulations lead to the raising of pets now, there are a lot of regulations, there are a lot of dog shape, there are a lot of restrictions on raising dogs, many dogs are not to raise.However, most cats are of the same size, and there are not so many restrictions. Basically, many cats can raise as much as they want, so this leads to many people raising more cats.Cats cover an area of not much for some big dogs, they still have to have certain conditions, which is the home to be big enough, to have a certain space, or really “can not tolerate” dogs.However, cats do not need too much space. Basically, cats are small and occupy less space, especially those living in apartments, so they are more willing to raise cats.Dogs like to play outside, run around, roll on the floor, etc., which can make them dirty and require their owners to help them clean up.Cats are quiet, they are also very clean, often lick their hair to keep clean, basically do not take a bath, or more worry, so the cat people will be more than dogs.No matter what kind of dog you have to take out for a walk every day, dog walking can be a daunting task for some energetic dogs and a burden for office workers.But most cats don’t need to be walked, making them more suitable for working people.However, the cat can also play and interact with the cat, which can be combined with a tickling stick, snacks, etc., which will make the cat very happy.Cats act like girls, they’re meek, they rub back and forth on you, they don’t say a word, and then they climb on you and head you.The way a dog acts like a boy is simple and rough. It directly attacks you. If you don’t have tonnage and are a large dog, the impact force is very big and it can easily lead to injury.In fact, raising a dog or a cat is according to their own situation, their own love to choose the more appropriate.If you had the choice, would you have a cat?Raising cats, want to make them more healthy, the main food is recommended to feed the cat food, how to choose cat food for the cat?Can’t choose cat food?You’ll see!Conclusion: If it were you, would you choose to have a cat or a dog?