Ding Junhui failed to win the championship, the group of death of the champions League runner-up, hit six shots to break 100 but difficult to break the spell

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On February 2, the 2022 Snooker Champions League invitational version ended the final group 7 competition, because the group gathered o ‘Sullivan, Higgins, Karen Wilson, Ding Junhui, Carter, Gould, Walton and other famous players, can be called the “group of death”.Ding junhui, as the first player to register for the competition after a long time, continued his good touch in the sixth group. He ranked fourth in the regular season with 3 wins and 3 losses, and advanced to the semifinals. He defeated Carter in the semifinals and advanced to the final, but lost to his old rival Higgins 3-2 in the final.However, ding junhui scored six strokes to break 100 in group 7, showing signs of a revival of his form.Ding, for his part, has missed out on a number of high-stakes tournaments as his ranking has slumped to 30th in the world after two poor recent seasons.So for the Champions League such an invitational tournament, he is also a rare sign up.He advanced to the final in group six, where he lost to Yan Bingtao.Continue to compete in the seventh group, known as the “group of death” in the contest, Ding Junhui does not seem to be too much impact, with six opponents in the round robin, achieved 3 wins and 3 losses, smoothly into the last four.But it is worth noting that the matches he lost were all by players ranked in the top 16, including Wilson, Higgins, O ‘Sullivan.In the semifinals, Ding junhui played against Carter, who was 5-1 and ranked the top of the group. Ding performed steadily and broke 100 in the second game, scoring 127 points in a single stroke. Although Carter later pulled ding into the decider, ding completed the 3-2 victory with 70 points in a single stroke, smoothly advancing to the final.The final was against Higgins, who beat Wilson 3-1 in the semi-finals.Higgins has also been ding’s Nemesis, losing four of their last four meetings, including a 3-2 win in the group stage.The pair broke 100 in the opening rounds of the final, with Higgins leading the way with a 134 before Ding followed up with a 101.The third game Higgins won, the fourth game, Ding Junhui broke 100 again, single 131 points zero seal dragged into the decider.Unfortunately, in the decider, Higgins 69-50, completed the final, a 3-2 victory over Ding Junhui, won the group champion, to advance to the winner’s group.Although he failed to break out of the group stage, Ding scored six strokes to break 100 in 25 rounds, turning in relatively perfect numbers.As Ding Junhui said on social media, “I was satisfied with the practice match. Come on 6th!”The event ding mentioned is the Turkish Masters, a new ranking event added this season. Starting from 6th, there will be a qualifying round to qualify for the main championship.However, it should be noted that ding Junhui lost 6 matches in the two Groups of the Champions League, all the opponents were the top 16 seeds in the world. Starting from the 2020 Northern Ireland Open, Ding Junhui has been defeated in the top 16 for nearly 15 months, and the record is fixed in a sad 13 consecutive losses!This is the problem he needs to solve in the future.