Guiyang County: “three-pronged” to ensure market price stability

2022-05-06 0 By

Rednet moment January 25 – (correspondent Wang Chengjia Li Gehong) “Epidemic prevention and control measures must be in place”, “all commodities should be marked clearly, can not arbitrarily increase.”On January 25, guiyang County market supervision administration law enforcement officers are preaching to merchants.Law enforcement officers check food prices at a supermarket in Guiyang County, southwest China’s Guizhou Province, Jan. 25, 2019.In recent days, Guiyang county organized city supervision, health and other functional departments, through the director, joint management, co-management of the “three-pronged”, effectively protect the rights and interests of the masses.Compaction of “supervisor” responsibilities.Guiyang county rising price regulation “the main responsibility for the main consciousness,” the farmer’s market, business super, pharmacy into price monitoring point, through the statistical analysis system products net price, real-time dynamic master the market supply and price, timely remind warned and administrative guidance, continue to strengthen the price regulation, and do a good job in key areas, key industries, key time market price regulation.Since the New Year’s Day in 2022, a total of 1,683 business units have been inspected, 910 warnings issued, and 12 administrative guidance and interviews conducted.Law enforcement officials are scrutinizing the prices of commodity signs.Strengthen the awareness of “joint management”.Guiyang County continues to strengthen the linkage mechanism of departments, market supervision, public security, development and reform, education, health, medical insurance and other departments to participate in price supervision, the implementation of information sharing, the formation of price supervision “up and down” force.Establish the working ideas of price supervision, market rights protection, law enforcement inspection and other contents, carry out “dragnet” inspection and “precise” crackdown on illegal price behaviors, so as to quickly handle and close cases, and form a “left and right” force of price supervision.Guiyang County’s main law enforcement department market supervision administration to strengthen departmental communication and coordination, integration of bureau, team, law enforcement forces, the formation of price supervision “inside and outside” resultant force.In 2021, guiyang county were price class violation cases and 11 FaMeiKuan 50 ten thousand yuan.Guiyang county law enforcement officers on the operation of the drugstore inspection.Promote the “co-management” mechanism.Guiyang attaches great importance to the publicity of price policies, strengthens the disclosure of price supervision laws and regulations, administrative penalties and other information, and broadens the channels for the masses to report price complaints.Big data will be used to analyze price issues of public concern, and special inspections will be carried out in an open and transparent manner, the results of which will be made public on a regular basis, opinions and suggestions from the public will be collected in a timely manner, and the rate of public participation in oversight will be increased.Since January 2021, the 12315 hotline has received 326 price complaints and reports, all of which have been completed.