Fans 4800 buy the United States version has a lock iPhone13, netizens: this price is not as good as buying second-hand China line!

2022-05-07 0 By

IPhone is divided into The United States version of the Japanese version and so on, the price of each version is different, the function is also slightly different.Generally speaking, the same iPhone is unlocked > grey-market unlocked > grey-market unlocked.Of course, there are enterprises customized machines, hedging machines and other sub-categories.Now domestic unlocked version iPhone13 price is about 5500 yuan, second-hand iPhone13 is also 4800, 4900 appearance.But the netizen bought an iPhone13 with a lock for 4,800 dollars.The key, too, is the second phone.So many users joke, this price is not as good as buying a country line second-hand iPhone13, at least have warranty, but also can use double card.The US version of the lock machine is not in the mainland warranty, can not use double cards, and can not restore/brush.The biggest difference between iPhone13 and iPhone13 is the millimeter wave radar on the border.The United States has no line!Of course, the machine inspection report is all green.It should be noted that the machine test report is only hardware information, and can be changed through the underlying data.So it can only be used as a reference. If you want to know whether there are all kinds of locks and other original data, you have to check the machine report through the serial number, which is also one of the items to buy the iPhone.Screenshot is this iPhone13 machine report part of the information, you can see that the machine still has a 352 day warranty (domestic can not enjoy), and the ID lock is open state (their normal, if not, is the ID machine).The carrier is T/S with a network lock.If there is a network lock, there is no card stick, is the black solution machine (or built-in card stick), there is a network lock, there is a card stick is the card stick machine.Purchase place is USA (US version), product type is retail machine, etc.This iPhone13 although beautiful, but the price is expensive, and there is a network lock, this price can buy the line of second-hand iPhone13, or gray goods without a lock machine!The price of a locked iPhone13 is basically just over 4000.The end of the year is the peak time to buy mobile phones, businesses also want to make money home, so the pit will be more, we must pay attention to buy iPhone, not to be fooled by businesses!It only takes a few minutes to check the machine report yourself.