Hongkou this vegetable held a “Spring Festival Gala”, stay in Shanghai New Year’s Day flavor thick | love live warm heart spring

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Annual lunar calendar Canton food festival atmosphere thick market set up in the “gala” stage, although there is no stars and live television but volunteers from the community members and market staff leave Shanghai on stage singing and dancing “heart” of performance for everyone in a cultural feast today, market hundreds of meters corridor to become a temporary stage, light, red light as those businesses to hang the Chinese knot,Affixed with the full flavor of the Spring Festival spray painting background, the stage is not big but the flavor of the thick.Considering the needs of epidemic prevention and control, although there were only more than 30 performers in the gala, they performed exceptionally hard, with meticulous makeup and costumes, full of “gold content”.”Until that day, you will find…”, the market work wang sang a song on the stage, the audience applause, follow the beat.Wang, from Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, has been working in a vegetable farm for nearly a year and chose to stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival in response to the government’s call.I heard that the street to do “Spring Festival Gala” in the vegetable market, early registration to participate in the performance, to everyone lively.Although only sing a song, Xiao Wang told reporters that the real performance is still a little nervous, he secretly practiced at home for several days, hoping to show the best performance to everyone.Gongs and drums show, solo, dance, live interactive games for children in Shanghai…The program brought one climax after another, among which the video link, is to pull the activity to the highest climax.”Mom and dad, pay attention to your health, and when the epidemic is over, I will come back to see you.”In connection, small zhu can not help but eye orbit red in front of the screen.Xiao Zhu mainly sells dried fruit and fresh vegetables in the vegetable market and has been working in Shanghai for 7 or 8 years.He said, relying on their own struggle, the day across the more prosperous, home bought a new house.This year, the children will stay in Shanghai for the Spring Festival, and when the epidemic is over, they will bring their families to visit.During the performance, many stall owners and citizens who came to buy food took out their mobile phones and recorded the wonderful moments with videos to share with their families.Xiao Wei, who was struggling in Shanghai, was deeply touched and couldn’t help praising and calling the program: “It’s very real and down-to-earth. We are all very happy to hold such an event during the Spring Festival.”The festival of the New Year, the full flavor of the performance, so that the citizens to buy food to see the old cheng for a long time.Cheng, who is from Shandong province, said after watching the event, “The market was very busy today. The program was so warm that I felt like celebrating the Spring Festival at home.”Stay in Shanghai for the New Year, not only to leave people, but also to leave the heart.Le Yueming, party secretary of Liangcheng Xincun Sub-district, said: “The citizens participate in this activity, into the thick Spring Festival atmosphere, we have a feeling of home, to do both stay and pay attention to.”Through this activity, to further meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of community residents, improve the cultural quality of Liangcheng life, to create a new era of high-quality development of high-quality life liangcheng new situation to provide spiritual strength, cultural deposits and cultural confidence.Hongkou, a landmark, has appeared in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.Who would you pick for hongkou food?❸ tears eye!Baymax’s New Year’s letter to The airportIn 2025, you will see this change in Hongkou