You lost your leg, I lost mine. That’s fair

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AC Milan went on a tear, beating Lazio 4-0 and meeting Inter milan in the coppa Italia semi-final. Today’s two matches (Atalanta v fiorentina and Juve v Sassuolo) will set up the other two places in the last four of the second half of the division. Let’s look at the first one.Thursday 001 Coppa Italia quarter final [5] Atalanta v Fiorentina [8] Time:February 11 01:00 Atlanta not too smooth, round 2-1 at the stadium was relegation team over cagliari, although goalkeeper jose rope dyed red, but still home defeat and their own state relationship is very big, after draws with inter milan, lazio, although opponents level is very high, but three rounds extremely, has let the team points by Juventus beat, less a game is not too big advantage,The pressure was on Gasperini.Yili sich depression relapse, has been out of the Europa league squad, a more bad news is that top center, du wan zapata, just return again hurt, to be out for two to three months, he may need surgery treatment, and aim at the Atlanta need to continue to participate in the champions league in the free market to find a replacement for Mr Zapata.Atalanta have put together a list and Pele is in the lead.The situation is similar to sampdoria, where in-form striker Fabio Gabbiadini has ruptured cruciate ligaments and is out for the season, and the club has rushed to sign out-of-contract former Italy international Atomic Ant Giovinco.Without Zapata, Muriel, another Colombian, has a heavy burden.Scoring efficiency is nothing to worry about, but Muriel has never been a “90-minute forward” in Atalanta, only playing twice in 110 games and even starting 48 times, so it takes a team adjustment to fill in the gaps.Winter arrivals Boga and Mihaela should have more chances.It should be said that the Goddess are good at spreading the fire, with central defender Palomino’s goal last time, Atalanta now have 17 players to score in the league this season, the most of any team in the big five.With vlahovic, Juve have become serie a’s most counter-attacking team, while fiorentina, without the Serbian striker, seem to have lost more than 17 goals in a 3-0 home defeat to lazio.There is no way, in order to avoid grain no harvest, purple lily can only catch the winter window to sell people, the actual epithelial yatke is rented for this.The team also signed winger Ikhone and center cabral, both for 15 million + signings. Cabral is more like Vlahovic in type, but still needs to fit in, so Piatek will continue to start.Overall, Atlanta’s home court still has some heat.But tactically, italiano’s Fiorentina are not afraid of the “true blue and black”, and the return of Quareta and Odriozola will improve the defence, the visitors will be personally unbeaten.