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Burning ice dream into the games are wonderful winter Olympics opening ceremony once again attracted the attention of the world China offer a simple, safe, for the world of the splendid Olympic Games cannot leave behind this group of quiet devotion of the games venues builders let us listen to the construction of “clock” sayings to witness their eyes is not the same as the “games” national stadium 2022 gamesRenovation project “the sail of ice” national stadium is located in Beijing Olympic park is one of the 2008 summer Olympic Games three main stadium to witness the Chinese team won 11 gold MEDALS was the 2008 summer Olympic Games the Chinese delegation won the most gold MEDALS stadium for the Olympic venues in December 2018 to start the games project lasted two years to complete the upgradeAt present, Asia’s largest integrated stadium reconstruction of the venues with a total area of about 98000 square meters can hold the audience of about 18000 people adopted the new academy facade highlights its elements the ice modelling of glass curtain wall design by 863 pieces of smooth side side has concave and convex texture of ice pattern embossed glass in conjunction with the light of present with pieces of glittering and translucent get rid of ice barrierBuild by laying bricks or stones out of the effect of “ice barrier” 180-200 square meters of temporary locker room four rooms one hall every locker room unit configuration can be implemented as building blocks assembled circulating utilization of more than 95% in the center of the screen is currently Asia’s largest surface fights the screen of the lateral four big and the collocation of the medial four small screen ensures that the Olympic Games competition demand of 160 square meters at the same timeHd screen surface fight also ensures that all around the stands zone in the audience to have a very good perspective of the great stories of sports venues are also what kind of story as a reconstruction of the national stadium, 2022 games, chief engineer of XingChengXi Shared their views when the project was received my excitement to feel more pressure is the main stadium experienced three major modifications in the process of operation drawings and siteActually has not need to find out the status of the national stadium to complete the first ice due to narrow the venue site review working line complex and higher off the ground of higher accuracy is poor security risks and the need to guarantee the normal operation of venues can’t power to work MoPai brought certain challenges national stadium lighting system that the project team, with an average age of less than 30 full at the momentWaved the young people’s wisdom and strength they use 3 d scanner scan quickly generate a new drawing of surveying and mapping 30 players spent 90 days after days and nights fighting complete comprehensive verification work greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of MoPai solves the problem of pipeline review from the start construction to the two-year national stadium now luxuriant • fully upgraded to become the games ice hockey playground XingChengXi said, “can participate in this project I feel very proud with all of the project to grow a lot more confidence to meet challenges of the future” Beijing yanqing games conference symbol tower project is located in yanqing division tower became a beautiful beautiful scenery this flag tower also known as “sea tuo tower” and skiing arena looking at each other is an important symbol of winter games yanqing division “sea tuo tower” as a wholeThe structure is composed of five ring signs and the base. The total weight of five ring signs is 51 tons. Each ring has an outer diameter of 12 meters and an inner diameter of 10 meters.Games are Beijing yanqing division signs tower safety director Wu Junchen said during the installation process the biggest problem is the “wind” high altitude lifting most avoid winds exist great risk hundreds of meters high altitude wind environment no matter how thick clothes will be blowing through soon in order to complete each work task they formed a youth team discussion to determine the execution of work “time” set “windy time trying to identify potential safety hazardTechnology demonstration “time” there is no wind to remodel 16 sets crane starts 7 hanging basket at the same time also operates more than 10 “spiderman” dangling hundred meters maximum efficiency in construction site “red helmet” has become one of the most active group under the “cleaning” of the sand dust all dark blue overalls began to get white for the team the deepest impression is the whole item on January 7Eye lifting completed rings when standing at the top of the tower Wu Junchen said “I am especially proud, particularly pleased because that day is my birthday as a security officer, this is the best birthday gift” winter sports management center integrated training venue project winter sports management center integrated training venue is also called “BingTan” is the first domestic has two pieces of the international game standard venues are an ice rinkIs the first CO2 ice across the critical system is a comprehensive training venue can realize multiple venues for fast easy conversion of Liu Yafei winter sports management center integrated training venue project m&e manager Liu Yafei said “BingTan curtain wall facade design complex can imagine we can see the walls under ice mark and hyperboloid model in possession of more than 10 kinds of curtain wall systems design?”Curtain wall engineering including facade and Chambers two most contains more than 3800 pieces of glass 6500 pieces of aluminum plate of special-shaped aluminum plate more than one-third of the total hyperbolic aluminum and glass reached more than 1400 pieces for cutting out a set of beautiful “clothes” using 3 d modeling to typesetting, processing and production to every shape, Angle, area, size, and the curvature data design, one by one by one number, each custom finally back together like a puzzle joining together into a whole “BingTan” beautiful “ice lines” effect to take part in the Olympic venue construction Liu Yafei also revealed his feelings of “I have a special on snow and ice on the Northeastern University sports complex for ice and snow sports contribute a force I feel very proud” is not only the construction of them more young people joined in the gamesTeam contributes an own strength through the unforgettable “games” “beautiful ice cube is the best Christmas gift I send to your family” cui yu and his colleagues are checking again icecube roof drainage facilities for HuoWenZhen 2022 Spring Festival is doomed to be special and unforgettable “due to the winter ice cube maintenance can not be at home for the holiday this year,” he said, “thank you very much for your familyStrong support for the work of I hope that they will be able to see the beautiful ice cube on TV that is the best holiday gift for my family “built after the curling games is established to security events they emergency security team projects with six, such as buildings, sites, electrical and mechanical professional security group to mobilize 115 people this year is the third year of cui yu to work again and he is not the first timeTo New Year’s day during the games with my father and mother to cui yu as icecube infrastructure security group of staff with the group leader chan pun in ice cube to do maintenance work on a venue barrier-free facilities of electric door each day during the guarantee, roofing and other conduct regular inspections to ensure smooth orderly running facilities cui yu says again “told mom and dad are special understanding of my work I don’t have to worry about themHeart completes the winter Olympic Games security work and the family will watch the Olympics game the whole family are very proud for me, “the world’s only curling pavilion as the 2022 Beijing Olympics games is the body’s largest curling venues in the history of the world’s only in the swimming pool, the double Olympic venues curling track is the only ice sports and water sports in the world all can run double the stadium project of youthThe curling project covers an area of more than 5,000 square meters. The project involves construction decoration, installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, waterproof, membrane maintenance and other engineering fields. The biggest difficulty in the transformation of the Ice Cube lies in adding ice functions on the basis of retaining the water functions of the “Water Cube”.Weibo @ FINA FINA to realize the “water cube” to “ice cube” gorgeous is middle the competition hall through constructing convertible structure, installation and dismantling ice making system can be formed with four standard track curling venues at the same time in order to realize the ice temperature above 1.5 meters ice temperature stand partition temperature intelligent control to ensure the audience watch the curling in a comfortable temperature forCurling venues renovation project chief engineer Sun Deyuan curling venues of reconstruction project is “the biggest challenge,” he encountered was he regarded as “the greatest glory” dream games meet the snow and ice, these young builders with full of working passion rooting for athletes to the games of youth power every moment Shining youth games we together into the future (source:Central Committee of the Communist Youth League)