Has the price of vegetables gone up in Yueyang?I took it at a market downtown

2022-05-09 0 By

In recent days, yueyang Evening News all media reporters visited to learn that the urban scale of the market has been more than February 6, the sixth day of the first month opened, and that night a heavy snow greatly pulled up vegetable prices.The city’s largest vegetable distribution center Yueyang Haijixing market staff Mr. Yang said that the market was not fully closed during the Spring Festival, part of the business from February 3 began after the Spring Festival operation, mainly selling vegetables such as vegetable moss.”On February 3 and 4, vegetable prices were relatively high. On the morning of February 3, vegetable moss was sold at 7 yuan per catty.On The 6th, it fell back to the pre-festival price level. The wholesale price was 2 yuan per catty, and the retail price was 3 to 4 yuan per catty.On the night of June 6, a sudden heavy snow caused vegetable prices to rise again.February 7 and 8 in the morning, the reporter in the city of huabanqiao, Wuli brand, Meixi bridge and other major vegetable market to understand that the impact of this round of rain and snow weather, leaf vegetable prices are relatively high.”The price of vegetables is determined by the market. If there is a little more supply, the price will go down slightly, and if there is a little more supply, the price will go up.”Huabanqiao market staff Mr. Zhang said, as the market manager, do a good job of prevention and control, to ensure fair trade is the main responsibility.Mr. Zhang said, vegetable prices will continue to go high, must see the weather changes, if the snow time continues, but also frozen, associated county and urban vegetables into the city, vegetable prices will appear a small rise in the phenomenon.Source: Yueyang Evening News all media reporter He Zhigao