Lakers lose bucks!Three u +2 backup, defense + turnovers + free throws all collapsed, Westbrook laughed

2022-05-09 0 By

Beijing time on Feb. 9, the lakers were completely dominated, and they finally suffered the Milwaukee bucks.And this game actually James and Mews play is not bad.Among them James offensive end dead against the team, constantly strong kill to help the team continued life.The total game James 27+5+8 data, such data is not bad.At the same time, He helped his team defend the basket with a total of 22+9+4.Of course, against Giannis antetokounmpo, Brow is still difficult to defend, but not a big problem.Even Monk didn’t play too bad today, 20 points, he has become the lakers’ third big man.Munch can also score at crucial moments today and he has proved his worth.In addition, the bench two big players play also very good.The first was Johnson, who finished 7-of-13 with 16+6.Rivers made 4 of 6 shots and scored 10 points, with an exaggerated efficiency.Just those four guys, they all gave enough but couldn’t save the team.Because their defense is so bad.At their current size, the lakers don’t shrink, and the pick-and-roll is full of small guards.If you shrink, the perimeter will leak, and you won’t be able to patch it.And when the lakers play defense, they give the ball a lot of space, and the defense is really getting poked.Of course, with everyone on the lakers’ defense, it’s hard to give credit to the defense, which is basically being eaten one-on-one.And there were turnovers, 16 of them in the game.When so many mistakes are made, it’s impossible to show value.Add in the free throws, the total was 18 of 30, those three points completely triggered the collapse.And Vogel’s strategy is questionable.Not playing lebron and Timberlake all the time, and then letting Westbrook play with lebron or Timberlake all the time, it’s affecting the team.What’s more, Westbrook was laughing so hard off the court, maybe even he couldn’t help it?Booed by the home crowd for the second straight game, 3-of-11, still couldn’t add value.