Pillow book: Donghua emperor in order to catch up with phoenix nine, is also painstakingly!There are three!

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In “Pillow Book”, many true love fans no longer feel sorry for Phoenix Jiu, because Phoenix Jiu’s love finally has a response, Donghua Emperor understands phoenix Jiu’s efforts, love is not a matter of one person, but the result of the joint efforts of two people.So, today, let’s talk about the donghua Emperor in order to catch up with the Phoenix jiu, is also a painstaking, the main three points can be seen!The first point, phoenix nine to attend the white shallow wedding, in the palace and from together, happened to encounter donghua Emperor.Phoenix nine under a moment of urgent feeling, became a handkerchief.The emperor was thick-skinned and directly put the handkerchief into his Fanny pack.If it were an ordinary fairy, would the Emperor of Donghua disguise it and claim it as his own?The answer is no!At this time of the Donghua emperor has a good impression of phoenix nine.In addition, Phoenix nine later wanted to escape, but also by the Donghua Emperor to make the drowsy formula, did not successfully escape donghua Emperor.Second point, Donghua Emperor followed phoenix nine to Vatican Valley, church phoenix nine how to win in the game, do not take the champion Donghua Emperor do not care, he cares about is to cultivate the emperor after the church phoenix nine true skills.Indeed, the kungfu that Emperor Donghua taught his future daughter-in-law also came in handy. Fengjiu could not win the battle in the future without the former instruction of Emperor Donghua.It can be said that Donghua Dijun is different from Fengjiu.Third, donghua “shed nine success, go alone aranya dream, is to save the chicken nine, in the place of donghua sovereigns, phoenix nine can get save, loss of memory of phoenix nine, always be donghua” attentive caress, have been quietly raised and finally ripe, donghua “broke the aranya dream, put the chicken out nine.Have to say, donghua emperor to the sense of security is who can not be replaced.There are donghua emperor in the place, will be assured, even if they are injured, Donghua Emperor also reluctant to let phoenix nine damage.Donghua emperor in order to and phoenix nine together, is also painstakingly!What else do you think Donghua dijun did to stay with Fengjiu?