Pole Star 2 rally car is here. Sense of conflict?There is no

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As soon as this guy came out, I thought it was like a rally crossover, and I didn’t know he did it!Recently, Polestar officially released a group of models named Polestar 2 Arctic Circle, which is built from Polestar 2. Electric cars can play tension, maybe a bit magical on other models, but in it, it really has that kind of strength!First of all, due to the pole Star 2 itself has the posture of a crossover vehicle, the new model also carries a 30mm elevation for the chassis, a larger departure Angle and ground clearance, as well as a complex drag and headlight, making it look like a rally car.On the hardware side, the Original Pole Star 2’s Ohlins shock absorbers are good, but will struggle to cope with rough road conditions if not upgraded.In addition, RECARO racing seat OZ ring and other major “brand name” accessories, also appeared in the new car body.Even more attractive than the first top-of-the-line version!However, there are no plans for mass production.